The Single Life.....Southern Style

TinmantuJanuary 24, 2004

Found this site and it's good for a chuckle...find some of your own posts on here and laugh at yourself....I did.

I'll try to post the link in the next message to allow ease of use.

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Here's the link, choose "dialectize"

Here is a link that might be useful: The Single Life....Southern Style

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What's so funny? Looks normal to me! Oh, that's right I'm a Texan. I'm always having to translate that "proper English" into Southern, Texan, Redneck, and sometimes Spanish! Thanks for the link !

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Having lived in Tyler for a few months, I can relate...heh...I hope none of our southern readers are offended because none is intended....I just thought this was a comical translation of what we type and might make us go back and read threads that we normally wouldn't have...have fun!

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This is a hilarious site! I think I'll use it to send all my business emails. Well, fry my hide!

And I'm from Philadelphia. Yo.

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Glad to see that you enjoyed it, Ded....I was beginning to think that I either had a sick sense of humor or this place was totally humor's me..~wink~

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