Happy New Year!!....New Years Resolutions...

TinmantuJanuary 1, 2004

Anyone strayed from theirs yet?? heh....personally I don't set them for myself anymore...Did that years ago and found that they are like promises, they can easily be broken.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

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you break promises too? oh dear ;-)

mine is the same as always: spend no money in January.

this forum is moving slow as molasses

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I agree, it's been dragging terribly the last couple weeks....either I ticked some off, or it's just slow because everyone has taken off for the holidays ,heh ....I'll see if I can come up with a thread starter or two this evening..at the very least bring some others back up to the top

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New Year's resolutions don't work for me. I prefer to look outside myself and set goals that benefit myself and others. This year, my goals are: do well in school, volunteer more hours working with the elderly, and spend more time visiting my elderly friends.

My goals include just looking out into my community and seeing how my random acts of kindness can help me and my fellow human beings be better people.

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I am thinking about running to town and breaking mine ~sigh~ but I won't. The first week of not spending is always the hardest.

~laughing~ do you think the singles all made a resolution to spend less time on the computer?

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That may be it....I guess I missed that memo to singles....Oh no, another habitual spender??....I just got rid of one of those a few years back.. :) ....crap back at ya!

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Hi all! I'm new to the forums but I have an idea why this one doesn't get much response. It's not listed in any of the categories, it's only listed sort of alphabetically in the s's as The Single Life, it took me several visits to find it and I still have trouble remembering where it is on the list to click so I can lurk! Maybe someone should suggest to Spike? that it be made more visible, I know that there are a lot of singles on the forums. Just thought I'd pop in and say something and maybe someone else has had the same experience. My New Year's Resolution is to be proud of being single and not be so quiet. Happy New Year!

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hello Charlotte

I put this on favorites when it first came back, but I was surprised that Spike didn't list it under families.

welcome! this forum should rock! invite your friends

(I ducked Tinman~~ went right over my head)

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Welcome to the board Charlotte....I think the board wouldn't be so slow if the lurkers would take more initiative to simply reply and stimulate conversation as you did here....and god forbid that a lurker would have the courage to start a thread or two....btw JC...I splatted ya when you ducked and stood up to stick your tongue out...nananana :)

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This forum is now listed under "Families" - thanks, Spike!

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Kudos to Spike....hopefully that more being aware that we are here will start up some conversation

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I have hesitated about posting on this message, but here goes...

I don't really make formal New Year's Resolutions, but this holiday season found me and my mother in Walt Disney World. As part of one of the events, we got our pictures taken. A few days later we received the photo in the mail. HORRORS!

Now I've been overweight for many years since college, but I was just horrified.

Talked to my doctor and she put me on a prescription diet pill to help get me started. I started taking them on December 26th... today - (January 8th) I have lost 14.5 lbs. so far!

I know I have a long way to go - but gosh I'm encouraged.


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I think I've found the 14.5 lbs. that you lost!! I believe they are currently located around my waist and hips and as far as I'm concerned, you can have them back!! Kidding aside, congratulations and good luck -- I know far too well how difficult it is.


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Carrie B

Congratulations, Barbara. I struggled with an extra 20 or so pounds for many years. I know how hard it can be to do something about them! Best to you. cb

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Good for you, Barbara!!....Anytime that one can make them feel better about themselves, I am all for it....no preaching here, but please be well informed on the drugs you are taking to lose that much, that fast...good luck to you!!

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