Roman shades on a curtain rod?

dee_can1March 10, 2010

Hi everybody, I'd like to make some roman shades for the window on our front door. The door is steel, and I found a cool magnetic curtain rod yesterday that works great.

I don't want to screw holes in the door, or the window frame... so I was wondering if it's possible to hang roman shades on the rod - any way to adapt the pattern I have to make that possible, sort of thing?

Any idea, or should I forget roman blinds on the door?

Thanks, Dee

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Yes you can hang roman blinds on a rod. Hang them straight on the curtain rod. Just put a rod pocket in the top and don't gather them on the rod--have them lay flat. To make a rod pocket for them just fold over the top and sew a seam on the bottom of the pocket. Don't put a ruffle on top. Make sure you have a pocket bigger than your curtain rod so you can slip it in the pocket.

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Thanks, oilpainter. What I'm confused on is how the mechanism to pull the blind up would work. What would the cord attach to at the top, if you know what I mean?

I asked the lady at the fabric store today about putting it on a curtain rod, and she didn't think it would work.

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I would think pulling the cord would pull the curtain rod off the door. Plus I can't think of what to attach the cord to, either.


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Hi Donna, the magnets in the rod seem really strong... it stuck to the conveyor belt at Walmart pretty good (if I could post a laughing smiley, I would).

I'm not even sure how hard you have to pull on a roman shade since I've never even used one before. But, you could be right about that.

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I bought a pair for my bedroom several years ago at Burlington Coat Factory. It has a rod pocket and just under that are two pullys. One on each side that the cord threads thru. These have the wooden rods at each fold but you could probably do the style that doesn't have the rods also. As to the magnetic rods. It would depend on the weight of the fabric among other things. My rods have the wall/window frame mounted hardware so I have no experience with the magnetic type. Exactly how do you attach the magnets to the wall. Wouldn't you have to fasten metal to the wall or window also?

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Exactly--- pris has it right. Put the pulley just under the rod pocket. You wouldn't be putting much pressure on the rod to lower and raise them. Just don't make them with a heavy weight material. Also a blind would be less material than a curtain would be. I think that if the roman blinds are on the door you won't be raising and lowering them much anyway.

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You wouldn't even need a pulley. Just a large ring on top. The only problem would be a lock to keep them open. They are usually screwed into the header. If you could get a hold of a couple of locking toggles like they have on coat waist cords that would work on your cord

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It's a bit embarassing, but I can't envision a pulley. I know what a pulley is, but not sure where it goes in a shade since I don't have much exposure to this kind of thing or home decorating, really.

But, I think I know what you're saying about the toggle, oilpainter. The instructions for a regular roman shade that I've seen on the internet, and with the pattern I have, call for using 1/4" dowels and eyelet screws. Of course they would attach to eyelet screws in the top board if I was doing this in the traditional way.

So, I'm thinking of putting a dowel/pocket on the shade that would go right underneath the curtain rod. Then putting the eyelet screws in the top dowel that would pull up the rest of the dowels; but I see in the pattern that you're supposed to put two eyelet screws on each side to run the cord through, and with a dowel there is only room for one screw.

I think I'll try to figure out how I would put the toggles on since that would give me two holes to work with on each side.

Or maybe I'll just buy some shades from the Sears catalogue. lol

Just wanted to mention to pris that I don't have magnetic curtain rods on the walls. The magnetic curtain rod is for a steel door that I didn't want to put holes in.

Thanks for your help everyone.

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lol - so you don't think I'm a complete disaster. I do know where the pulley would go in a shade, but I meant to say I don't know where they would attach in this instance. : )

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I have magnetic curtain rods on a metal door and I hate them. They might work for a very light weight sheer, but I have an hourglass shaped panel and the rods slide around like crazy. Don't think they'd work for a roman shade (and I have made a couple of them).

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The pullys on the ones I have are sewn to the shade just under the rod pocket and have the mechanism to hold the cord when you raise the shade. It's plastic and light weight. Bear in mind that mine are a medium weight fabric and are lined. Light weight unlined fabric probably wouldn't work very well.

Thanks for clearing up the magnet thing. I was not thinking in that direction. My first thought was that if you have to attach a metal plate to the door or wall then you could attach a rod bracket. My only metal door is a solid front door.

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clt, I was thinking of just putting up lightweight sheer panels instead of the shades. The magnets in this rod seem pretty strong, but I'll have to wait and see how it holds up.

Pris, thanks for explaining how the pulleys are attached. I've sort of put the project on hold since other things have come up, but I hope to get back to it soon. Or I may put it off - lol. ; )

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