Duvet (Cover) for comforter

kitchendetectiveMarch 16, 2007

I've noticed people use duvet to mean both the comforter and its cover, so let me clarify that I want to make a cover for a comforter. However, I have two problems:

1. So far, I have been unable to find the right size comforter for my bed. The width must be no smaller than 116" if it is to cover the entire mattress.

2. I would like a pattern or set of instructions so that I plan on the right seam allowances, overlaps, interlining, if necessary for silk, etc.

Can anyone help me with either of these issues? Thanks much.

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I am not aware of any one that makes custom sized comforters, but hopefully someone else here may know. If you want a polyfill comforter, you could make one yourself. The major pattern companies have patterns for quilts and comforters and most fabric stores sell polyfill on rolls of varying widths. For a down comforter, you might try sewing two smaller ones together. I've not made a comforter, but I do make my own covers from two flat sheets sewn together with ties or buttons at the opening. Flat sheets are usually larger than comforters and there's plenty of fabric to work with. Not much information for you, but I hope it helps.

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If this was my project, I'd purchase a king sized comforter and cut it down to size. If you'll be sleeping under it, keep in mind you have to consider how much you need to hang over the sides.

For duvet covers, I buy two flat sheets and sew them together on three sides. You can close the open end with a zipper, snaps, buttons or velcro.

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The comforter I need is larger than any of the king size ones that I have located.

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You might want to check landsend.com. they say their comforters are longer and wider than the standard sizes.

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you might need to purchase two comforters - maybe 2 twin size? and either stitch them together or Velcro the two together. Making the cover is simple - simply measure the finished size, add a generous seam allowance (you might need to purchase kingsize flat sheets or even quilt backing) as it is very difficult to find fabric wider than 54"...it is out there but the selection is limited. You could, of course, do what the quilters to when they want a wide fabric....buy 44" fabric 3 times the finished length, cut in thirds and sew three lengths side by side.

Making the cover is very simple - you really don't need a pattern - just accurate measurements....you are basically making a sack.


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If you cannot find one 116" you may do best by putting two twins together like barker said. You don't need a pattern. Just pretend its a HUGE pillow cover. Depending on the loft, you may just want to cut for a 1" seam allowance but still sew at 1/2". If you are using interlining, attach the interlining (around the outside edges) to each width before you seam them together. If you choose a pattern, glue baste the widths together first with fusible webbing tape and you will be guaranteed a match. To keep the duvet in place inside the cover I put grommets in the duvet edge and attach ties to the inside seam of the cover. The more you have, the less that bugger will shift. Serge your seams as well.

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Try buying "Sewing for the Home" by Creative publishing International. It's on Amazon.com for around $12 and it looks like an updated version of the same book I used many years ago when first really learning to sew. There are no patterns. The book instructs you how to measure properly in order make various projects from "scratch". Also, I agree with kyocius, you need those grommets or something comparable or else you'll end up with a ball of comforter in a sack if anyone actually sleeps under it.

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I had the same problem. Most comforters don't come in that size, I didn't find them at Lands End or Cuddle down. And fabric dosen't usually come in that size either.

I did purchase a down comforter from Pacific Coast,the "Grand" down comforter measures 120" x 98". It's the largest I've ever found. It's a high quality down. pacificcoast.com has them.

Any way then you can't find a duvet to fit. So I searched e bay for oversize fabric pieces. I bought Ralph Laurens 'Guinevere" fabric on EBay. It was advertised as a "semi" finished" duvet and it measured 120 x 102. The duvet cover came finished on 3 sides, I bought snap tape and sewed the top closed myself. It was the best $80.00 I've ever spent.

Good Luck!

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Pacific Coast Comforters make the biggest duvets 120x98 and theyre now selling the duvet covers for them. Sadly they dont have many color choices. Maybe if we all complain they'll start making a decent color selections. Bought the light yellow and its great BUT the florals are awful and solid colors are burgundy and brown. Ewwwwwwwwww. Personally I did complain. This is a great size for two to sleep in supreme comfort. Love my O/S sizing. Hopefully you'll contact PCC and they'll start making more color selection. Like the colors available on normal sized comforters.

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