Never made it back to work

junkyardgirlJanuary 29, 2008

Well, I did, but they wouldn't let me clock in...long story. It sent me into a tailspin, and I ended up in the hospital for 4 days. Got my anti-depressant dosage adjusted, and now I'm going through the hell of trying to get a note for the absence of two weeks so that I can go back. Can't go back without it, can't be out for 30 days, or I'll be administratively discharged. The people I'm trying to get it from are IDIOTS! I've called and called and I still haven't gotten it. I truly don't think they know what the hell they are doing. I'm going to take a shower now and go down there and see what's going on. I can't wait until they get around to giving it to me, I need to go back to work NOW!

I'm seeing a shrink now, and I had a long talk with my employee liaison, and he had a long talk with my boss, so the word right now is that I'm not in danger of being fired, but I only have 9 more days of the 30 days left, so I have to get that note!

Why is life so complicated?

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I am so sorry you are going through this, but you need a labor relations attorney IMMEDIATELY! Most attorneys give you a free consultation - get on the phone and start calling - you are protected by federal law, especially if you are having issues with your mental health being affected. Your employer KNOWS you can get an attorney, sue and WIN, so don't say anything - just DO IT!

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jyg, is it your own doctor that hasn't given you the 'note' to take to your job? I don't understand why they haven't done that, especially if you have since been hosptialized stemming from job-related issues. Did you end up going after all and got some action from them? We are all with you and wish that life wasn't so complicated, but just think back of other times in your life when things haven't gone right -- you survived those times and you will this one as well. God bless you.

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Wow, jyg...I hope you got results by driving down there yesterday...if not, Jo's advice about contacting an attorney or even placing a call to your state labor board is possibly the next have to take the offensive here, as nobody else is going to do it for you on that end. (or so it sounds, anyway.)...hugs to you and hang in there!

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JYG, just checking in to see how things are going with you - care to update us on your life's situation? Hugs, Jo

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I finally got back to work, and it was nice to see everyone again. I never thought I had missed it until I got back. All my customers asked where I had been, as well as all the people I work with. It was nice to have been missed, and had people concerned about me. I was in such a bad place emotionally, and was also so sleep deprived and exhausted from the stress.

I don't really want to talk about attorneys here, because who knows who is on here that I might know

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We understand - we don't need to know about any of the details - we just need to know that you are ok and not under a lot of stress.

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Glad to hear you smile JYG!! Hang in there; it might work out in the end. Take it slow so you don't burn yourself out. And for gosh sakes don't worry. Here's hoping for ya!!


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