Blind Dates

silverswordJanuary 30, 2009

Ok, opinions needed:

I have two friends. They have never met. I think they would like each other. What do you all think about blind dates? Or being set-up by friends? Is it offensive? How involved does one get in a friends love life? And then how does a person avoid playing "monkey in the middle"?

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I would ask them. I have a friend who's main goal is to find a man, so she would want an introduction. Some are not receptive to the idea at all, I am one of them.

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Definitely ask - both. It could still be a "blind date" if they wanted it that way, but they may prefer meeting when among commonly known friends - say at a small party at your house or some other group outing. Sounds like a fun idea, IMHO.

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I agree ask, I never let anyone hook me up, just not my thing and made me uncomfortable. But never hurts to ask.

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No blind date. Plan something that involves a small group like a backyard BBQ or even attend a free concert as a group or an art exhibit or motorcycle rally - something.

They may hit it off. They may be attracted to someone else in the group. If you allow the invitees to the small group to bring along a single friend, you may meet someone too (if you are looking).

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If you think they have something in common besides the fact that they are single go for it or, like someone else said, have a get together and invite them both.

I've been on dates set up by friends where it is obviously we're just both single and there is no other point of connection between us; it's very awkward. And there have been times when the other person has a trait I specifically said I didn't like; for example I don't date smokers yet I went on blind dates with two different guys set up by the same friend and it turned out they were both smokers. So I wouldn't even consider another blind date set up by that friend.

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Oh ask them, it's just a date for goodness sakes. Although I know it can be stressful, very stressful. But they may really hit it off and it will be all because of you, on the otherhand. lol

Yes ask them!

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