sewing elastic into waist?

teresa_nc7March 27, 2009

Can someone talk me through this? Not making a casing and then inserting elastic in it but actually sewing the elastic onto the waist band of pants/shorts.

The pair of pants I have on has the elastic edge zig-zagged onto the edge of the waist, then straight stitched near the zig-zagged edge. Then the waist "band" is turned inside the pants and 4 rows of stitching are done around the waist band - stitching through the elastic also.

Is this a case where you sew the ends of the elastic then divide the elastic into 4 parts with pins then stretch the elastic as you sew.

Haven't done this in a while and need some guidance.



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That is the way I would do it, if I am understanding you sew the elastic to the wrong side and then fold over and down to the inside and sew through the elastic and fabric again to join the front to the back and form the waistband. I know how to do it but lack the magic of the correct words to make it clear. Hope this helps. Budster

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Hi: Measure the elastic around your waist and subtract 2" from the length. Sew the ends together to form a circle. Divide the elastic into quarters and mark with a straight pin. Pin each section to the front, back and two side seams, so the elastic is in equal portions around the waist. Then stretch the elastic as you sew each section, starting at the top. Use a small zig-zag stitch and do at least two rows (one on each edge). Then turn it under and sew again.

Hope this helps

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Thank you both! I knew this could be done because I was wearing a pair of RTW pants yesterday and looking at the elastic waist while thinking how to do it - LOL!

Now if getting them to fit could only be as easy...sigh...

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