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joulesR4meJanuary 10, 2005

Seems every year I get an unnecessary amount of Christmas gifts. I'll clarify by saying that they don't come from a variety of people, but mostly my *ma & pa*. They come from the school of quantity is better than quality. As I unpacked my giftware from my visit with them, I wondered what to do with these items. New pair of fluffy pajamas, too big shirt, juvenile shoes, beautiful talbe linens (in colors that I've never used), MORE books, MORE candles, more hand lotions, etc. Got a Hair Removal System from my mom - geesh, a 5 minute shave in the shower is all I need. I sat most of it to the side, considering taking it to the SPCA thrift shop. But it makes me sick. A few years ago, when asked what I wanted, I said a good knife or two. Thinking this would eat up about $75 and that would be the end. Instead I got a huge block of *inexpensive* knives and the usual boat-load of other items. I'm not really complaining in that I cherish that they take the time & effort in showering me in gifts, but I hate to toss most of them. Hope you don't get the wrong idea .... it just makes me mostly sad.

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I can totally relate... mine come from all areas of the family... a new plaid blazer, slacks and a mock turtleneck sweater - I don't like plaid (never have) and I live in FLORIDA!! Also got a moose cookie jar... gee - from the same people who gave me a dog cookie jar about 7 years ago... and that one just sits on the refrigerator collecting dust.

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I make sure and devote "X" amount of dollars towards buying myself a few gifts and I get everything I want every year that way

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I told everyone I knew this year to please not get me anything, and if they must, please make it a gift card to REI. It worked perfectly, now I can go buy some new camping gear, and I have way less crap hanging around!! I don't like that everyone feels obligated to buy each other stuff and unless it's someone who really puts time into picking out what they know you'd love, everyone just gets "stuff". Of course it is the thought that counts but I am trying to downsize my "stuff".

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Hello Everyone!!!

In the case of parents buying gifts for grown children: if they can afford it, let them shop. Its so much fun for us to shop for you. If you live far away and they don't come to visit, dispose of the gifts as you like. Its harder if we (the parents) live close enough to see you often.

There should be a consignment shop in every town to recycle these poorly thought out objects of affection ~smile~

I once had a boss who bought me a skirt for Christmas that I could not make myself wear to work (or anywhere). I know it hurt her feelings. The gift was inappropriate, but I wish now that I had cared more about her feelings and less about my appearance.

I am so glad to see this forum moving!

what did you buy yourself for Christmas, tinman?

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I need nothing so all gifts are an excess. Most of the adults in my family have dropped gift giving. We get together for dinner at holidays and that is good enough. The kids still get presents.

I was going to buy myself a christmas present but couldn't think of anything I wanted at the moment.

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Nice to see you posting JC....as far as gifts for myself, just some computer upgrades and a new digital camera...when you live the single life every day can be Christmas if you balance your checkbook right. :)

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