Gluing Foam

johnc777September 25, 2012

I need to fill a hole in a fiberglass/foam filled entry door. I changed out the lock and there's about a 3/8" hole left from where the old handle attached. I want to fill it and put a little brass plate over it.

I though about filling the hole with a 3/8" dowel but don't know what glue to use that would stick to the foam. This is nothing structural, just decorative.

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I'd put a dab of paintable caulk in it.

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I need to fill the hole with something solid so I can screw into it to attach the brass plate. I figured a dowel would be a good choice but I'm not quite sure how to keep it in place while I drive a screw into it.

And I can't use any kind of anchor that sits proud of the surface (like the lip that's on a plastic anchor) because the design of the plate is such that it needs to sit flat.

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So the screw won't need much holding power afterward? Pack it with toothpicks, break off flush.

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How about using a brass plate and attaching it with glue?

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Is the hole only one one side of the door?

Can you use a molly bolt? You could use a brass screw into the molly so it matches your brass plate.

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Push the dowel in with construction glue, PVA or even caulk, and let it set. Then you should be able to screw into it.

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