Making First Scrapbook

SusyApril 5, 2006

Hi-I am new to scrapbooking as this is going to be my first.

My youngest daughter who is 35 didn't get a baby book. I am gathering pics and will do a book starting when she was a baby adding photos, clippings and highlights through the years up to now. She is a middle school teacher, single, and likes no frills and bright primary colors. She collects lunchboxes, and loves all 50, 60 and 70's stuff. She is a dog and cat lover.

I have a album, glue, stickers, rub-ons, craft scissors, some paper but will need to get more.

Any suggestions would be appreciated on getting started. Thanks--

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Sounds like you are ready to go! I never use craft scissors, gave them all away years ago.I crop with a paper cutter only and sometimes use a corner rounder. I'm just not a fan of "design" edges or "shaped" pictures. Personal preference, of course, but it also takes so much more time that way! I like fewer and bigger pictures on a page, also easier and quicker to work with.

Most importantly, remember you are making this book out of love, it doesn't have to be extravagant, just personal, and from your heart!

What a wonderful gift your daughter will receive from you!

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I think you've got the right equipment to start. Keep it simple. Scrap the pictures with journaling and maybe a quote or two here and there. The pages will be right from your heart and your daughter will love it.

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I did not want this post to just have one or two messages because I really think what you are doing is wonderful and we should offer whatever help we can. Your daughter is very lucky to have you do this for her.

The way I did my books fast but with great detail was to not get all wrapped up in making it too fancy. Keep it simple. You can choose several primary colors for your papers. One idea I do is to have each page have one of the colors. So the first pages will be red, second pages blue, then green then yellow. Then start the colors all over again. You can lay out the pages first then assign the colors. But stick with just a few colors so the book will have a nice flow. And just remember, too much, can be too much. The reason I redid my daughter's baby book was because it was too buzy, too many different colors that did not flow when going page to page. If you are spending too much time trying to make it perfect, you won't have any fun.
Keep asking for advise. You can also go to craft stores and they offer classes or days that you can go in with others. You will have folks to give you advise right then and there.

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Thanks for the suggestions and support.

I do have another question (that I am going to ask now, grin).

My background pages are the colors she likes and they have a tie dye look. Do most of you just glue your photos to the background paper or do you cut out cardstock frames to go around the pics to finish them off.?

So much information and materials out there kind of hard to know what to purchase. The suggestion to keep it simple is in my plan as she isn't the fussy, frilly type.

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I've done it both ways, if I put a picture on a background and it looks like it's not showing up I mat it so there is a color between to show off the picture.


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I don't always mat my photos but they do show up better if you do have a bit of contrasting color between them and the background. Keep is simple. Focus on the photo and journaling.

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