Foundation 2 ply waterproofing membrane not affixed to wall

SparklingWaterSeptember 1, 2014

We had serious exterior waterproofing work done in 2012 at major cost. Lamentably, we're still dealing with crawl space water in heavy rains. The downspouts have extensions running more than 10' to side. Grading is next on my list.

Below is a photo of the 2 ply poly membrane placed after tarring walls. It's all over the place in differing heights, but not secured. In some areas it's very low below the ground, in other areas it's slightly above the ground and has serious dirt caught both immediately next to the foundation as well as between the first and second layer. Clayish dirt.

Wasn't this membrane supposed to be high enough so as to secure it to the foundation wall with a deflection for the water and some mastic or other? The way it is now, the water runs down between the membrane, pushing it against the foundation.

Thanks for your advise on what to do here. How do I manage that unattached waterprooofing membrane when we have it properly graded in short order?

Membrane here is about 3/4" above ground.

XP in landscaping due to time.

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You need to tell us what is is. It should not be coal-tar based but it might be some kind of modified asphalt. Once you know what it is you can ask the manufacturer how to seal the top edge.

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Renovator8-the original paperwork description simply states "apply tar-based foundation coating and install buried liner system". To me the liner looks compatible with 6 ml visquen polyethylene. Tar may be roofing cement aka mastic.

I have asked for a better written explanation of what precisely was done from the company and it has not been forthcoming. That was before I grasped the significance of the liner's unevenness and lack of being secured. I didn't know to ask these questions before the job, which makes me feel even worse. It's a highly positive reviewed company so I don't understand just what went wrong with our job such that I can't even grade now.

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