jlt37869March 14, 2011

I'm going to try to sew a bedskirt. Any tips/suggestions?

As far as material, I'm wanting something with a bit of weight, nice drape (or hang), washable, and wrinkle-free. Any recommendations?

I haven't found a pattern yet. So I plan to make my own for a simple, single pleat, tailored bed skirt. I'm thinking of making three pieces (left side, right side, and foot and then (somehow) attaching to a platform piece).

To cut down on fabric, I was planning to use a sheet for the platform (or middle section) but for sure including a sufficient fabric frame around the platform edge (so that the sheet doesn't show).

I would love to hear any comments or thoughts.

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I don't use a deck. I make mine maybe 4-6 inches longer than the drop to the floor, do a top and bottom hem, and use twist pins to attach to the mattress, about 4" in from the edge so it doesn't show.

The twist pins do not damage the mattress, and hold really well. Some use velcro, but that's expensive and you have to attach the velcro to the box spring, twist pins are cheap and non-permanent. I make mine a little deeper than the one I linked to.
Good luck, I'm sure it'll come out nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: example with velcro

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I make mine from the poly/cotton percale type fabric.I figure the amount of fabric needed and since my bed is higher than most,i just fold in half lengthwise,serge the edges together then gather them.I then sew this to a fitted top sheet,that's placed over the box springs and i'm done.No hemming to do,it's nice and full the way i like them and quick and easy.Oh i do use my gathering foot for this.

Ignore the cords and that little blue rug.

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jomuir - I do like the idea of not using a deck as it's so hard putting the skirt on by myself. My main concern about a wrap (or deckless skirt) was whether or not it would stay in place. I don't want to mess with velcro (we're not friends), but didn't even think of twist pins ,,, great idea. I will check that out. Thanks!!

kathi - I do have an old white fitted sheet I could use, if I go this route. I probably should have mentioned that I'm new to sewing and definitely a beginner. Style-wise I would prefer a gathered skirt. But I was leaning towards a tailored skirt thinking it would be easier for me to sew. I have not yet done a serge stitch or used my gathering foot (lol). Then again, there's no time like the present to jump in and start learning.

If my three sides total 220 inches (80+60+80), would you double that to allow for the gathering? Do you recall how you calculated your fabric? Or maybe just x 1.75? I'd love to be able to sew a skirt exactly like yours ,,, it's beautiful. Thanks for your help.

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How did the picture of my bedroom get to the post below mine???That's crazy!!!

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Lol, your bedskirt looks nice Kathi.

The picture I linked to isn't quite how I do mine, it's too close to the edge of the mattress to me. I pin mine on about 4" in from the edge, so the top mattress helps hold the skirt in place, and hides the edge/pins.

What I like about twist pins is they're cheap, you don't have to worry about being off on the decking or the mattress not being even, drop too short or long etc, it's totally adjustable. Also the deck usually stretches over time which can make the skirt sag.
I sewed in a custom drapery workroom many moons ago and that's the way we made them there.

I may have to make a new bedskirt now...

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Kathi - if I tell you how the photo appeared, will you tell me how you calculated your fabric? Just kidding, if you want the photo to disappear, remove it (temporarily) from photo bucket (that will break the link between GW and photo bucket). Then you can add back to photo bucket. I'm so sorry, I just assumed you forgot to include the command sequence in your message (so I added it to my message). Your bedroom is perfect and your skirt is fabulous ,,, I really love it!! BTW, I'm used to hanging out in the decorating forum where we post bedroom photos all the time (and give each other decorating advice), guess I'm just de-sensitized to it. Sorry, again!!

Jomuir - my top mattress is latex and so VERY heavy, so pinning 4" or more would work. I'd love to have your sewing experience, I'm just a newbie. My first sewing project was a x-mas tree skirt, my second drapes for my home office, and third x-mas stockings. This will be my fourth sewing project (lol) ,,, but I believe I can do this (and believing is half the battle, or so they say).

Thank you both for your help!!

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Hi....I have attached a link to a discussion on this forum in 2009 about this very subject. I have since made 2 bedskirts, a king and a queen. I tooke the existing bedskirt off and sewed velcro along the edges of the top just above where the skirt falls down. I then sewed the other part of the velcro to the top of the skirt I made. I put the old with velcro skirt back on the bed and then attached the new skirt with the velcro. So far they have both stayed on without any problems, even in changing the sheets.
One of your questions was how to measure your fabric. If you are using 45" wide fabric, just cut it "longways" so you get two pieces about 22 1/2 wide. You will probably only need a drop of 18-20 inches from the top of your box spring to the floor. Hope this makes sense. LOL. Anyway, I just measured both sides and the bottom and used half that measurement, allowing for the wrap at the corners and a small wrap at the head of the bed. Hemmed all sides, attached the velcro, voila....a bedskirt. I have only made straight tailored skirts but the next one I plan to gather, it will just take more fabric. The corners at the foot of the bed are tricky, I just wrapped the fabric around and kinda overlapped it. It covers the corners and stays put.
Also, with the velcro on the old bedskirt, to change the look and match whatever quilt I have on the bed, all I have to do is make a new drop and attach. No more lifting the mattress to remove replace the bed skirt.
Hope this helps you with your project.Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Murphy - thanks so much for the response (you make it sound so easy)!! Yes, I had read that post (I always search first), but nobody had followed up with any results. So I'm very happy to hear you had good results with both your skirts. I've not written velcro off entirely, but my last velcro project was a disaster, so I'm not sure if I'll go that route. I'm considering the twist pins or maybe even attempting a hidden button enclosure. We'll see.

As far as fabric, from your post above: "but the next one I plan to gather, it will just take more fabric." That's the measurement I'm asking about ,,, how much more? LOL!! I'm guessing maybe 150% - 200%?!?! Maybe I should just try to figure it out by trial and error with some test fabric, besides that'd be good practice for me. Thanks, again, for your input ,,, I really appreciate your help!!

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I am not sure whether there is a "formula" to use to cut the fabric get the gathers you want. My guess would be that it would depend on how much gathering you want. I think the trial and error would be a good idea and what I would do. I would just take a strip of fabric 2 yards long and gather it up to the "gathering density" you want. Then measure the gathered piece. Now how you figure the percentage from that is way over my head...LOL. I use ball park figures for something like this. But if your gathered piece is half the length of the piece you started with, 1 yard versus 2 yards, then double is what you need. That is, if you like the amount of gathers. I didn't put a lot of work in my bed skirts because I wanted the emphasis on the quilts I had made to go on the bed. The matching skirts just complimented the quilt and did nothing to take the eye from the quilt, which is what I was trying to achieve. that and to keep the dust bunnies corralled up under the bed where they belong...:)
Post again and let me know how it turned out for you....we can all learn from each other.

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i just measured around the 2 sides of my bed and the foot of it and doubled that amount.Once i figured that out i bought the fabric i needed,and cut it in half lengthwise,joined the lengths together figured my drop.Then i put in what looks like a 4" or so hem .Then i just put my ruffler on my sewing machine ruffled it,figured out how much i needed for each side and the foot,marked it off with pins then attached it to an old fitted sheet.

We have no pets or smokers in our house so i only take it off at least once a year to wash it,then put it back on as soon as it's dry,no ironing needed.

As for the picture,it can stay there,i just couldn't figure out how it got below my post.

Hope this all makes sense to you,i'm better at explaining things face to face than writing directions.

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Ok i just went in and measured my skirt.It's a total of 360 long,so that means i bought 5 yds,cut them in 1/2 lengthwise,that gave me the 360.The depth of my skirt is 16 1/2 "deep with a 4" hem.My bed is a queen size.

I do buy king size spreads for it however as i like them to come down far enough so you don't see where/how the skirt is attached,and besides i don't like skimpy stuff.LOL

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