How do I fix this door?

grittymittsSeptember 9, 2006

Master M/R door doesn't catch properly; if windows are open & there's any breeze, the door pops open, then slams shut.

Shims behind the catch on the frame side didn't work...what now? More shimning?


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You may a simple adjustment of the strike plate. Be sure the access hole is deep enough, round enough and not obstructing the latch before you move the strike plate.

If you slam it, does it catch? If so, move the strike plate forward, toward the room.

I use adjustable strike plates in all our door installs. Makes life easy.


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Thanks Michael,

No the door doesn't fact it seems as if the throw does not go far enough into the striker plate to catch. That's why I tried a shim behind it.

Are the adjustable strike plates you used in your home available at any hardware store, or at H.D & Lowe's. (Have to go 15 miles to a box store...a disadvantage of country living- but have a hardware store closer.)


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Hello, Take the strike plate off and close the door. Does the latch work now , If yes then remount the strike plate and then close the door just untill the latch touches the plate. Mark the center of the latch onto the plate. Is the center mark on the plate from the latch the same as the center of the plate? If yes the plate most likley has to be moved out a little. I use a cold chisle and put the end in the plate and while holding the chisle in place I hit the chisle on the side and try to drive the plate over. Sounds nuts, but works most of the time. If it fails then move the plate one screw at a time.
Good Luck woodbutcher

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The hardware store can order one for you.

Adjust A Strike is one name I've seen out there.

The component I use is a proprietary product of the door system and not available for resale.


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The best strike plate on the market today that addresses this is called the Sure-Strike strike plate. It's the world's only self-adjusting strike plate PLUS it helps resist kick-in burglaries. I have two on my home and they work awesome.

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