Fun Breezy Clean Laundry Room Color Needed

aloha2009July 9, 2012

A total remodel of our laundry room is in progress.

Most of the room will be white (6 doors, washer, dryer, cabinets and counter). I still haven't picked out the paint color but I'd like to have that in place here soon.

I'm leaning toward a soft (but definite) aqua color. An aqua that I've seen in spas that almost translucent like and often seen in glass tiles.

I'm the worst at picking out paint color and I invite all paint swatch suggestions.

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I have Sea Salt in SW in our hallway and love it! Very beachy, breezy. I would do a swatch on the wall first, because it looks pale turquoise in some lights, blue in others, and grey in others. If you Google image it, you will see what I mean. But I love it!

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Thanks, I'll definitely get a swatch of it when I go in. Looks pretty online.

Though I'm leaning more to a bluish aqua, I'd love to get greenish aqua suggestions too.

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Try Farrow & Ball "Borrowed Light" - shimmery and sky-colored, but with a hint of green in the blue. B. Moore "Sweet Dreams" also has that glass tile quality - greener than the F&B.
For a really icy, glassy, pale one, look at Ralph Lauren "Basalt."

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Oh, I was going to say a light aqua/turquoise...just from reading your title. What about this? From Kitchen plans

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If I wasn't convinced before to go aqua, all these suggestions are just spot on for what I was after.

Lavender that color is wonderful. Do you happen to know the specifics on what it's called.

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