Montgomery Ward vintage sewing machine

MAA48910March 4, 2013

I have a Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine made in Japan after the war. It probably dates from the 1950s or 1960s. The motor was buuilt by the Electrical Manufacutirng Co. of WI. It is a Universal Motor, 115v. AC_DC 1/20 H.P. 5000R.P.M. A5. There is another number which I believe may be the model number, H 600 544. My mom was a seamstress but I am not, so I would like to sell it. It has a light, and runs nicely. There is a crank on the side, not a foot pedal or trestle. It is in a lovely wooden cabinet with a well in which the machine can be recessed, and a cover. I have a box which contains extra bobbins and some other items. I haven't located the instructions yet. This is probably a collectible rather than an antique if antiques must be over 100 years old but made of the kind of materials that really lasted unlike some of the materials used now. Please e-mail me if you know what this machine would be worth, or can provide helpful information.

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Sorry, but it's not really worth much. Maybe you can get $25 - $50 for it, but without the manual probably more like $25.

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