But 45 inches is too narrow for many things

bayareafrancyMarch 8, 2009

Oh, boo hiss!

My son found this amazing collection of sock monkey fabric by Moda. He made a pillowcase. We love the collection so much, we want to make a comforter cover.

But the cover needs to be around 60" across. And the fabric is only 45. How does one get fabric to make bedding?

I'm so disappointed!


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Typically, you would buy twice the length in yardage, using a 45" strip in the middle, and a narrower strip on either side. Yes, you will have two seams in the top piece, but you can then use a sheet or wider coordinating fabric(muslin or sheeting from the fabric store)for the underside, and use the leftover fabric strips for throw pillows or a window valance, or additional pillowcases.HTH

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Rats. Seams just sound so unattractive. I'm trying to find some photos online of what the seams look like. But, although I can find directions for making a seamed comforter cover, no one is posting a closeup of what the seam looks like.

Rats, rats, rats. I just can't envision seams in my "hula hooping sock monkeys."



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Maybe you can make a wide coordinating border all around the fabric so your print is not broken up, or purchase enough fabric that you can match the pattern at the seams.

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Put the 45" in the center and two narrow pieces on both sides. You will have to match your print.

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so fancyfrancy - what did you decide to do? Perhaps check out a few sewing books at the library that deal with the how to's of bedcovers, duvets etc. See if they have any with photos of a seam finish you like and would work with your fabric. Just a suggestion - it's what I would do. Budster

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How about covering the seams with a vine (embroidered or appliqued)?

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