why did they do that?

joulesR4meJanuary 5, 2005

Trying to start something up here .... seems like every once-in-awhile I see something and wonder "why did they do that?"

For example, bathroom stalls: I've noticed that, in almost every situation, the screws used to attach the sliding locks are the type that cannot be removed. And, since the locks NEVER seem to align properly to actually slide them to lock, why don't they use screws that you can remove? That way, the lock parts could be removed and reinstalled in proper alignment later... Hummmmm And how come the locks are usually misaligned anyway? It almost seems purposeful ....

Have any other *wonders*?

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I don't think you can get anything going on this site, seems very dead to me ....

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Very interesting...there was a singles forum here that really moved....lots of post and lots of conversation....then I guess it got raunchy and Spike pulled it for a few years....then re-instated....and now it's dead....
Wonder why?
Linda C

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I have my own reasons for not posting much. Don't know about other people.

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It's very hard getting this site going again. It's lost most of it's life. I enjoyed the old TSL and was excited when it was revived. But I too have my reasons for not posting.

Can it be saved?

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Okay - I'm curious... why not post? I don't post that regularly because I don't always have the time or *capability*, especially when my most accessible computer is a work (if you get my drift). I did join the garden web just to be active on this site though ....
But I still check back here fairly often (holidays & health interruptions excluded) and have found some of the discussions to be helpful, if not just interesting.
I read the KT forum regularly - but don't post there often either. Mostly because it seems to have a pretty close-knit following. One that I could never keep up with and fear getting my feelings hurt for my *occassional* post.
Oh well, I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

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I can totally related to your thoughts about the KT. I get lost in the numbers alone and have been chastised on occassion for my opinions. I was hoping TSL would gain momentum and feel more at home here.

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Carrie B

have been chastised on occassion for my opinions

This is why I greatly reduced my posting here. I was also chastised/judged for advice I sought.

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Bingo. Don't need to have judgement passed on me, my life, or my choices by people who do not know me.

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Unfortunately that's the problem with these forums, but why let it bother you to the point where you don't post?

If you are interested in a subject, jump in. There is always someone that can get nasty ... IGNORE them. They aren't really worth the trouble anyways.

This is the first "discussion" I've seen on this forum since I started looking at it.


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Well said, pam....I frequent other forums and if one is going to voice an opinion and not expect to be called on it if someone differs, then they better run and hide under their bed and never go to a forum again.. If you are going to speak your mind you better be prepared with facts (or at least a decent argument) to back up what you are saying....if you aren't, then your statements will be taken with a grain of salt. A definition of a forum is a group of people with differing opinions that gather to discuss...some people in a forum are tactful in the way that they bring across their point, others are blunt. It's going to happen when you have multilple personalities participating. Everyone should get used to it.
Football season is almost over, so maybe I can be here to let others pass judgement on me more often now. ;)

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Carrie, I believe you may have misunderstood what people were saying. I read the responses, and felt everyone was trying to speak as if you were their SISTER.

We were all concerned that you would be hurt, so we just offered you the same advice/comments we would have, had you been a close friend. I am sorry that you felt 'judged' - I don't believe that was anyone's intention.

I can ASSURE you that if Michael (Tinmantu) offers to comment, it will be from his heart, with love. I can tell you this honestly - there isn't a more caring soul than this man.

If you are privileged to win his friendship, you are a lucky person. Yes, he's going to make sure you have the facts, but that's what a friend does.

We all, at times, have problems with our friends and their 'comments', so you aren't alone. Michael has 'set me straight' on a few things, too, but I knew he was right. Yes, I was offended a couple of times, but again - he was right.

IF HE HADN'T set me straight, I might have made a wrong decision, based on what I THOUGHT I knew. For those times, I can now say 'thank you, Michael'! No, I didn't always take his words of wisdom, but for the most part, I did.

It is true of others on this forum - we care about each other, so we will continue to offer 'words of wisdom' as we see them.

Where else can you go, get the straight scoop, and not have the humiliation of actually facing your opponent? I'd ten times rather do so on a computer forum, than face one of you in person!

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If someone is keeping count I, too, peruse this site on occasion. Participants are generally witty. helpful. and are a good sounding board. I'd like to see more life in the Singles topic. My only reject was when I referred to fussing as bit-----. Oh, well. Regards, y'all.

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Candler, does your name mean that you make candles? If so, maybe we can do some trading - I grow tons of plants!

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See, we actually have a "discussion" going.

Kayjones, I grow lots of plants too, I have 395 different varieties of daylilies ....

I regularly look in "Farm Life", I live on a farm, "daylilies", "WNY garderners", "New To Gardening", "Buying and Selling Homes" I'm in the mortgage business, "Hypertufa" I'm just going to start playing with this medium, "Pets" I have quite a few ..... and I peruse thru others as I have time.

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Where in Western New York? I was born and raised near Salamanca, NY - in Allegany State Park...

Stay bundled up!

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Hey Barbara ...

South Wales, which is SE of Buffalo, right outside East AUrora. I used to camp In Allegany a lot when I was younger so have gone thru Salamanca many times.

It's really been pretty warm here, having a farm I am really tired of the mud by now. I want the ground to freeze so the mud doesn't track into the house. And it was a REALLY wet summer, so I'm really tired of mud.

And you'll all probably think I'm crazy, but I really don't mind the snow ... there a couple of snowmobiles parked out behind the barn waiting to be used ... they are my brother-in-laws.

Where do you live now?


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Good Morning, kayjones and others. Candles? I'd never made the connection. The answer is no and I appreciate the humor. The name actually comes from my community in Western NC. Before retirement a few associates would call me that. In using the Net a pseudonym is often recommended and that came to mind. You grow plants? I envy you. My wife seemed to have a green thumb. She always said growing things takes patience. I have patience for some things but I must have missed the boat when it comes to plants. Regards to all.

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Not much of a poster here or elsewhere. I have enough one sided conversations with myself. ;) Jumping in with a post isn't always easy when everyone else seems to know each other. I suppose even they started somewhere.

WHY are most bathroom electrical outlets on the left side?

have been chastised on occassion for my opinions
I live with this daily and don't mind if it's something I'm passionate about. Does cause problems tho.

Your place sounds wonderful! Stargazers are my favorite and becoming harder to find without buying a mix.
As soon as CA dries out I'll be back to house hunting. I tend to hibernate during the winter months.

I may not always agree but I will always respect others that are willing to post.


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I've always wondered why we can get a ticket for not having our seat belt on but our children are crammed on school busses with no seat belts....welcome to America

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I used to wonder the same thing when I took the school bus tinman.
"Jumping in with a post isn't always easy when everyone else seems to know each other." I agree Wings. I don't recognize alot of your names so alot of us don't know each other here. I think we should get this forum going again and we should all feel free to jump in as much as possible.

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Construction is often done on a lowest cost approch so shoddy workmanship is normal. The screws are permanent so that people can't steal them.

I don't post here much because others don't seem to post much.

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well as per usual here i am jumping on the tail end
of this discussion .
i peruse other forums here on gardenweb and it seems that on any lengthy discussion there is alawys somebody that will mis-interpet what somebody else is saying and it escalates from there .

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