basement water seepage

kim286September 3, 2008

Where my asphalt driveway and stone foundation meet, there are spots in which there is a gap so they do not touch each other and water is getting into the basement. I can see areas where the previous owner spread cement. What is the best material to use along the foundation? We are going to do some repair work on the driveway (patch holes, reseal, etc) Should I look for some type of "liquid asphalt" to spread into these gaps?

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We've finally gotten an offer accepted in SD. So now that we're in the process of getting the home, when we settle, we're going to want to make it our own.
We are completely new to San Diego. Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can find out about good painters and other residential remodel contractors?

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kim286-- Use a silicone or similar product between the concrete and ashphalt, they move at different rates and you want something flexible. Next time you are at a mall or large retailer look at the walls and walks outside and notice all the expansion joints that they use, you want to imitate that.

Jecky--- How does your answer relate?

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