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evolvingSeptember 1, 2011


I appreciate any guidance that you can offer. Having a hard time finding info online.

House was struck by lightening. Some damage to siding outside. Older aluminum siding. Damaged area couldn't be replaced - don't make my siding anymore. Insurance said get estimates for new siding. Found one person to give me estimate on new aluminum. No one else wants to touch it - everyone in my area does vinyl now. I called anyone and everyone.

Insurance company issued check, minus depreciation. Will receive that upon completion of work. Seems my aluminum installer doesn't really want to do aluminum - would rather do vinyl. Said insurance doesn't really care what I replace with, so long as I replace my siding. A good quality vinyl will be close in price. If I would have known this going in, I would have submitted an estimate for vinyl, instead. I probably could force the job based on my estimate - but that sounds like trouble coming. And, not sure I want to use something that is outdated.

If there were others lining up for the (aluminum) work, I'd just move on. My insurance company has been good to me, and I'm grateful.

My letter from insurance company said they were paying for replacement of siding. No exact material specified.

I won't "pocket" any money. It will all be spent on residing the house. I'm going to upgrade a few spots, so I'll probably pay more than what I received from insurer, in the end. I'm just wondering if, when I submit proof of work done, they will take issue with vinyl being used.

I plan to call and discuss with them, but I want to be prepared before I call. What would you do?

I greatly appreciate your input.

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call um and ask

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I had a hail storm dent aluminum siding on my house and insurance paid to have it replaced. I replaced it with vinyl. Insurance company didn't care.

Most of my neighbors did the same thing and to the best of my knowledge, no one's insurance cared.

I would be very surprised if your insurance company cared as long as the cost is the same.

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"as long as the cost is the same."

Or at least not higher.

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Insurance generally pays for the repair and you are expected to do the repair - how you do it is your business, even if it is done DIY and you keep the money (which you are entitled to do since your time is worth something too). If the different siding does not cause the value of the property to go down, it should not matter. To be sure, contact your agent.

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Be aware that a lightning strike may cause damage that is not immediately apparent.
We had some ice damage to our church roof. The contractor was experienced in working with insurance companies, so when, after repairs had begun, the damage was found to be greater than initially thought, he was able to help us get a supplemental settlement. Experienced contractors should be sensitive to this, Joe the handyman may not.

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