Termite Tenting question

piper101September 21, 2009

Hi, We decided to have a termite check on our 22 yr old house before we have its exterior painted. Terminix came out as a referrel from a neighbor around the corner that had her house tented etc. So my husband who is very handy and home repair oriented went up in the attic with the guy, he pointed out the droppings etc. Sure fire way to get rid of them is tenting the house.

Here's my question.

As a woman, I'm thinking about these little questions I have that I'm not so sure a termite guy could answer so I'll ask you all.

1. Will the gas discolor my cotton upholstered furniture? Will it permeate our mattresses? Do I need to bag up all our clothes and remove from house or just wrap large sheets of plastic about the lot in hanging in the closet?

2/ Electronics and this gas: Will it affect our LCD/plasma screen TV's inner workings? I have 2 antique clocks,,should they be bagged up and left in house or removed? Will it permeate behind framed artwork behind glass and do any damage or discoloration of matting etc.

3/ Will it discolor or alter the wallpaper on my walls?

I know I'm thinking overtime about this stuff, but I just can't really see any pest man telling me anything other than the party line of "no it won't affect that, you only have to worry about stuff in pantries and what you put in your mouth"

I wasn't home when he came but my husband said he was very thorough, answered his questions as they were up in the attic together. He was here for over an hour and half.

Since we've only owned the house for 4 years and this is no telling if there was a previous problem that may have not thoroughly been erradicated, my husband wants to do it right this time.

I know, I know, I've heard of orange oil but unless it can penetrate every piece of wood in this house, between the walls etc. I'm not convinced that would eliminate the problem as I don't know if termites are down in areas I just can't see.

Thanks for your time and wisdom.

I will be getting 2 more estimates.

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We're in FL and termite tenting is common here. Your furniture and artwork will not be harmed. Be sure to thoroughly bag pantry non-canned food items.

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