Drywall repair to bad repair job

steve340September 18, 2005

What is the best way to repair a bad repair job to the drywall? It has been painted but the repaired area needs to be sanded flat since it is too high. I know how to fill low spots but someone filled up bad spot and left too much plaster on the wall (didn't sand down) and then they painted. Shoud I use a palm sander with very course sandpaper on it?

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Use a level as a straightedge to determine how much you need to remove and to check your progress. Use a screen cloth to remove the excess. The screen cloth will not fill up with material and you'll be able to get it done in a short amount of time.

You'll find the screen cloth and the holder at any hardware store. Buy one course and one fine.


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Will this work to cut through the paint also? I know it's much easier once the paint surface has been removed and your just sanding plaster.

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Yes, the screen cloth will cut through both paint and the patch. Don't press too hard with the screen cloth and pad though. Keep the pad flat on the wall and sand the hump down a little at a time, lightening pressure as you cross from patch to drywall ... coarse screen cloth can be aggressive in what it removes and you could end up with frayed drywall paper at the edge of the patch, making the whole thing look even worse.

Once you have the patch sanded, you'll probably need to paint the entire wall; otherwise the smoothly sanded patch will show up like a neon sign next to the roller-pebbled painted surface. I'd suggest using a small 3" roller and interior latex primer to seal and prep the patch for standard latex paint. Then paint the entire wall with a standard 9" roller to even out the surface texture.

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Is the same process (screen cloth) used to take the warts (high points) off a marginal texturing job? (If you have the time, please take a look at my post of this morning on the 'Remodeling' forum.) Thanks!

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May I expand on this topic with a couple of related questions?
1. My husband was in the attic and put his foot through the ceiling and caused a large (about one foot long ) tear in the drywall. Since gravity is working against me, what is the best way to "anchor" the drywall while the "mud" compound dries? I have the self adhering mesh, but it doesn't appear to be strong enough to hold the torn portion in place.
2. My friend also put his foot through the ceiling of his kitchen. He did a repair but the heavy "popcorn" looks a lot different (lighter) than the surrounding popcorn. The house was built in the late 1970's. Any suggestions on how to blend it better without re-doing the entire ceiling?
L Lburas@bellsouth.net

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To repair this hole, you want to slide in some plywood pieces and secure the existing drywall to the plywood. Then fasten your patch piece to the plywood. First, however, you want to cut the hole into a neat square or rectangle. See the site listed in the link below for details.

Here is a link that might be useful: Repairing Drywall Holes

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thanks for the advice. i just used it. first time on this forum. the mess cloth has worked great. i didn't imagine it could work so well. it wasn't anywhere near the Sheetrock at lowes. i found it by the PVC with a little help. if there is something to ease use, buy it. my hand cramps and i have to take lots of breaks. also definitely keep the vacuum nearby.

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