plastic on window screen in lieu of storm

cgw1September 1, 2011

I have old wood windows which I am not replacing and have just had painted. My problem is that in one window the aluminum frame is so bent that I cannot remove the screen (somehow the painter did it, but again it will not move). For the past few years I could not take the screen out to put the storm window in. This winter I would like to protect the inner window's new paint job from the effects of snow coming through the screen. Would it be a good idea to put a sheet of plastic over the screening from the inside? Would this create any problems that I am not aware of? Is there any other suggestion. Thank you for reading and any advice you can give me.

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Long time no answer

The best idea is to fix/replace the bent frame.
Installing sheet plastic is a stopgap though it would stop snow ingress.
Problems? Affixing/removing the plastic. Possible moisture trapping. The hassle of seasonal replacement.

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Alphonse, thank you so much for your response. I had given up hope of anyone replying.
I realize the best idea is to fix/replace the bent frame, but it is not possible this year. It will have to wait until spring. So, a stopgap measure to stop snow is what I am after.

I still don't know where to apply the plastic - on the exterior, on the inside of the screen, or on the outside of the interior window? It is precisely about trapping moisture that I am concerned. Doing it from the inside would be easier because I could do that myself. On the exterior I (single, retired, female) would need to hire someone with a ladder.

If you could give me any further guidance on this, I would be so grateful. I really don't want to leave it.

Oh, one other option I just thought of is to stick the storm window in, albeit just sitting there, but at least it would stop some air and most snow????

Again, thanks for your reponse.

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If a proper repair can be affected in spring then apply the plastic in the easiest fashion. Any moisture trapped shouldn't do much, if any, damage in the interim.

Do understand I cannot see your conditions.

Sure, you can put the window there, but secure it somehow either with fasteners or tape. Tape is convenient and seals well but is likely to leave a residue hindering later paintwork.

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Aluminum bends pretty easily. If the painter was able to remove/move the screen without ruining it, then it can be done. you mentioned that you were prepared to get someone to put plastic on the outside of the window. Can't you get someone to help you force the screen around so you can get one more winter out of the existing window/frame?

They might even be able to bend the frame back to a useable condition.

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I had to replace (not have rescreened) a screen this summer and was surprised how inexpensive it was. Under $35. It was a screen from an Anderson window. I just took the screen to the local hardware/window/door store and they were able to get a code off the screen and order it for me.
It was a window over the kitchen sink, so not a large window.
Kathy G in MI

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