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shwetagargMarch 29, 2007

Hello all

I would like to have ur opinions abt the classes that the community colleges provide. Are they worth wht u pay for them or I shud consider some where else for that. I have never even touched a sewing machine. And i am eager to learn stitching and be able to make things for myself and my house.

Plz suggest


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Our community colleges and adult ed have very good beginner classes,for those that want to learn to sew.I think this is true around the country.JMO

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Hey so u think it is worth a try. Here in Bellevue they have for $200-300.
is it worth the money. I am confused. Shud i join or not. I dont work (coz of some working visa problem) and have a lot of spare time on hand . I want to keep my self busy to keep away the frustrtation.
Please suggest

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I take a class through our local high school adult education program......$10 per sememster. The class is from 9 AM to 2 PM one day a week. Our teacher is outstanding.....she has taught sewing for over 30 years and is so up to date with new techniques, I am always amazed. She also seems to come up with ways to sew that are cheaper, faster and easier.
She teaches everything from beginning sewing to advanced garment construction in addition to being a genius with the embroidery machines.
She also teaches at our community college and the fees are higher but still reasonable.
I wish all communities had access to the quality of our local programs.

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Are you in Cal? i dont know wht to do. My collegue has agreed to teach me stitching but then i dont want to bother her too much .

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I am in California.....
If your friend offers, take her up on it. It will make you both happy.

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Hmm I am meeting her today ...will talk to her again and c wht happens

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When you are talking with your friend ask her to suggest a simple first a pillow or beginners sleep shorts. You might also check out a few books at your local library and read through a few....a good librarian can reccommend some easy beginner books might seem like it's all too much to take in but you will get used to the terms and construction steps in no time. The more you sew the more you learn. It seems to be a never ending education with all the newest tools, techniques and things available. Anything you pick up will be useful so enjoy the journey, take your time and have is well worth the effort.

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Hey thanks Budster
U really got my nervousness. I did talk to my friend. And she has agreed to teach me. She is making a dress for herself and so she asked me to sit with her so tht i get used to the terms and also she is making me do some stuff so that i wil get used to handling the fabric and other stuff.
Lets see how it goes.
Thanks a lot for all the support and encouragment

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Take some paper and a pen and make a few notes for yourself on things you want to remember ...... could be a term, or a how to....what I did was make some fabric (I cut up an old worn blouse).... then I sewed a seam, then joined two pieces - made a note to self right sides go together! (well I was only a kid remember!), then finished the seam edges....(made about 4 different samples there - pinked edges, fold edge, sewed stitching seams 1/4" from edge......that kind of thing), I also did button holes and a zipper. I still have that "sample book" around somewhere. It was a good way to learn and also have a personal reference. You might not need to do this but it wouldn't hurt for some steps like buttonholes or zippers. You should sew with your friend as much as time allows and then if you feel later on you need more information, or want to learn more you can sign up for a class. It is an on-going education for most of us so don't get frustrated.....a sewer's best friend can be a seam ripper.....if it doesn't work out once don't give up. Lots of the things we make aren't 'perfect' but we can learn alot from mistakes....that goes with sewing as well as life. So just keep trying. Good luck. Budster

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Thanks a lot. I am thinking of starting with an Apron. I guess it is fairly easy.
I know it wud be hard for me but then again wht on earth is easy? So I guess I wil stick to it as much as I can.
Thanks a lot. The idea of a reference book is grt and wil start with it the next time .

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