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blessedbeMarch 12, 2013

Hi there! I am a sewing newbie and very excited to get started. I have purchased a Janome HD1000 sewing machine, and a sewing table with a recessed area to sit the machine down in. I know I need to purchase plastic drawer units to hold fabric and items, a couple of thread spool holders, an overhead light for my work area and an ironing board with a good topper.

Are there any other essential items I need to have? I will mostly be working on home decor and eventually clothing hopefully. I have a grid cutting board, rotary cutter, some dressmakers chalk, a seam ripper and that's about it.

Thanks everyone!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Tape measure
Sewing gauge
Good scissors with a bent handle that are used just for cutting fabric.
Small scissor for trimming...preferably with one tip pointed and one tip rounded.

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Measuring tape
different sized sewing machine needles
Straight pins
Pin cushion
At least one good ruler for your cutting mat to provide your straight line for cutting. These are on the same aisle as the mat normally

Enjoy! Nancy

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Hi Blessedbe, I am so glad you are joining this great past-time. The one most important thing I found about sewing is to have an area where you do not feel as though you are in anyone's way. I enjoy a private setting where I can relax and create as I see fit. I now have space where I don't have to put everything away each time I work but I do try to stay as neat as possible. Everything has a place and things are easier to find that way. Everyone probably has a slightly different layout but whatever works well for you. I would add that a comfy chair is very important. An older seamstress once told me...."You have to get your nest right." I have been sewing for over 53 years and STILL loving it. ENJOY!

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Yes, welcome to one of the most satisfying crafts/hobbies in the world. I would say that with the things mentioned previously, and measuring tape you should do fine. Mostly I bought as I was going along. At first you only need pins(glass headed), needles, measuring tape, pattern and thread. Buy as you go along unless you live out in the boonies and don't make trips to the store. Also my favorite thing is the sewing room. After almost 50 years of sewing I have my own sewing room and I love it.

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also remember after sewing for awhile to get up and walk around to help your circulation. don't get impatient..
just enjoy your sewing time..

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All the suggestions above are great. Make sure you have good lighting. Someone mentioned a seam ripper...."seams" I use that the most LOL

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If you can & your space allows for it, try to set up near or next to a window so you can maximize using daylight by which to sew.

I have my machine at my kitchen table next to west window, get's bright light & direct sun on sunny days.

Allows one to see better & (I'm a quilter & textile designer) & allows a truer 'read' of color, colors appear or 'read' differently under natural light vs. indoor light of whatever kind.

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