Another driveway question

jane__nySeptember 3, 2008

150ft ski slope driveway. Very steep and little room to get going in snow. We have to shovel with just a few snow flakes. It needs redoing and I've seen driveways with brick type stone placed in the blacktop in stripes in various places.

Does anyone know what that does? Is it for better traction?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I recommend a lighter vehicle with all wheel drive like an Audi Quattro with studdless ice & snow tires.

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Thanks, we have 3, old 4WD Explorers which do make it up - its everyone else who has problems. Just imagine when you start sliding down, we make sure we open the garage door first.


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If I was in the market to replace the driveway, I'd take a look at the possibility of some sort of heating. I know it would be expensive, but it would certainly take care of the problem. I expect it would require some sort of drainage at the lower end so the water would not flow into your garage and then freeze.

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