Which used Bernina to buy 830, 830, newer?

bobbie46March 30, 2009

I am the original owner of a 40 year old 730. It has some problems and when we moved the feet and other accessories were mislaid. Rather than repair and replace I am considering buying one a little newer-maybe the 830 (made in the 70's), the 930 (1980's) or something else? I want to make baby dresses for my first grandchild. I once made coats, patterns, drapes but no more of that! I want a reliable machine for under $1000. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks everyone!

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I have not sewn on an 830, but I know people love them. I did a little sewing on a 930 and thought it was wonderful. I love the Bernina presser feet. I think they are the best.

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I had the 930 and my bf has the 830,we've both had them over 25 years and we both love them.I do a lot more sewing than she ever did,so that's why i got the 930.I took all the free classes and then some that were'nt free so i'd be able to use it to it's fullest extent.Both are great machines,so you won't go wrong either way.Depends on how much sewing you do,as to which would be the best for you.

They also have a new version of the 830,i don't know anything more than that about it though.Good luck,and let us know what you get.


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You can read reviews of both machines here - scroll down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sewing Pattern Review site

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Thank you so much for your information. Could you please tell me what features the 930 has that the 830 does not? I understand the 1230 is great too but it is computerized and therefore may have a greater chance of something going wrong. Does anyone have a 1230 or have information on it? Thanks again!

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Don't know where you got the idea that computerized machines have more of a chance of something going wrong?

You will find features of each machine you have listed at the Sewing Pattern Review web site that I linked to in my post above.

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I have a 1230. It is a wonderful, wonderful machine. One of the LED lights is out on the stitch length indicator and I think it would cost at least $300 to have the board replaced. I live with it, it is a small thing. It happened while it was still under warranty, put at the time I did not want to part with my machine for 3 weeks. This would not stop me from buying an electronic or computerized Bernina. I would classify the 1230 as electronic. If you buy it used from a dealer, you would have some type of warranty.

One of the best things the 1230 has over the 830 and 930 is the automatic button hole. I would also miss the stitch memory; when switching between two different stitches it remembers the length and width settings you have chosen, but only for two stitches. All of the stitches have adjustable preset stitch length and wide, so you just push the button for that stitch, and sew. The 1230 also does a little wider stitch to enhance the extra decorative stitches it has.

I wish I had a 930, in addition to my 1230, because the 930 I used briefly just purred. Can you tell I like machines?

My stepmom has an 811, another wonderful Bernina. Has perfect stitches. I believe it is the flat bed version of the 810.

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Thank you! Your comments are very helpful. I am rethinking and my 730 is at the dealers getting looked at. It has been a great machine so if it can be repaired, maybe I'll look for replacement feet.

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I love my 930 which I bought new many years ago. It has made hundreds of items of every kind and never been to the shop. The one weakness is the buttonhole maker.

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