Brand New House- Tile Grout Cracks?

jas0023September 20, 2013

Hi everyone!

We bought our house about six months ago. It was new when purchased. I am a bit of a worrier (that might be an understatement) and I regularly look around the house for indication that my foundation is defective. Everyone tells me this is ridiculous because the house is so new, but whatever. I do it anyways. This was such a huge investment for me and I want to protect it. Anyways, no real indication that anything is wrong really. We are not in drought and our summer has been pretty mild. I am on a slab foundation.

The other day I noticed a crack in the tile of our guest bathroom. It runs from my sink to my tub, only in the grout in a stairstep pattern. It is a very narrow crack. I think it would be considered hairline. I use that bathroom pretty regularly but I admit I haven't really looked at the ground in there since we moved in. It's not on the side of the house, more of the middle really. I have read that if the tile is cracked within a certain amount of days that the issue is in installation. My house is under warranty. I have not seen any cracks in any of the other tiled floors in the house.

Like I said, I am a worrier. Big time worrier. Could the cause of this hairline crack validate what everyone says is an irrational fear of a foundation crack?

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might be shrinkage of the grout. Is this bathroom on the first level (on the slab) or on an elevated floor?

I'd call the builder/warranty holder and have them look at it.

I wouldn't rush to say you've got "foundation issues".

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Considering how minor the issue is,I would wait until A. There were more cracks B. The existing crack gets worse C. There was other indication like binding door(s) or drywall crack. D. There was another reason to contact builder. E. Until end of warrant was drawing near then report it if nothing else had happened.
As far as you consurn over foundation problem,depends on where you live. If you are in an area that has a lot of foundation problems you should ask local agencys for printed material on how to care for your foundation with grade and moisture. BTW,relax often and injoy the new home.

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