Self closing hinges not tight enough

dirtslinger2September 18, 2010

I have a building inspection Monday(final occupancy), and one thing I can't seem to correct is the self closing hinges on the 'garage to house' door.

I have wound them (allen key style) all the way and probably too far now. Yet they still just ALMOST close it tight.

Any other ideas?

Is there anything else I can get? Or try?

My hand is raw after fighting it all night- I must be doing something wrong!


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Loosen the tension on the hinges and check to see how the door closes on its own. A bad fit will prevent the door from closing.

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I had a similar thought: do you have weather stripping around the door that is rubbing a little and may prevent the door from closing that last 1/2" or so?

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Or, from your local big box, purchase and install a closer with both closing speed and latch speed adjustments.

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