Hi all, I'm baaaaack!!! (long)

junkyardgirlJanuary 14, 2008

Sorry, I've been away so long, but I've been going through so much stuff.

My boss at work started harrassing me, and I got so upset about it that I just broke down. Ended up crying every morning before I went to work, and then last Monday, I couldn't stop crying at all. I called out, told my personnel lady that I was having a breakdown, and that I'd let them know what was going on. I went to a counselor on Tuesday, and she wants me to go to a psychiatrist. I called Worker's Comp on Wednesday, and they are going to send me to their psychiatrist, since it's directly related to my job, and the way I've been treated because of my injury. I'm calling again tomorrow to see what's going on. I can't see myself going back to that job. It's just too depressing to be glared at by my boss and have such nasty comments made by other employees.

So it's been a rough week for me. I spent most of it trying to get my website and and running. I got banned from one of my favorite forums, and I don't have a clue what I did wrong, except posting twice about my website. I guess she thought I was spamming the board, but I've been there awhile, so I didn't think so. I was just sharing what I had done with friends, or so I thought.

I did go out on a date with that guy I met. He's so sweet, and we had a wonderful time. Went out to dinner, and then just went and walked around the mall, and then went to Target. He said he had a wonderful time too, sent me an e-kiss, and called and said he can't wait to get a real one. I'm so comfortable around him, and we have a lot in common. We can talk for hours about nothing at all! I think this may just work out.

The ex BF never called me back after Christmas. So much for loving me and missing me, right? Well, I sort of expected as much. All's the better, because I have a new guy now!

So I'm out of work (without pay, unless WC kicks in), and depressed, but I have a new guy, and I'm making a few bucks (very few) on my website, so maybe things will pick up.

How's everyone else's new year going? Oh yeah, I love you guys too, and I missed you as well.

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Well it's about darn time!!! OK, we were getting a little ocncerned. That being said, so glad to hear from you.

OK, the job - other than the funds, sounds like you didn't need it anyway. Don't be depressed - one door has to close before another can open. You've got your new friend - ya got me smiling about that one! Maybe he's the one that can help during this period in the valley. He may stick it out for the climb to higher ground - that would be nice!! Best wishes to you in that dept, and also with all the other nonsense from your job. Counseling may help too.

glad you're back!!


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OMG, get a Disability Attorney ASAP - you may never need to work again - you may end up owning the company! Do your research, then SUE their asses!

Here is a link that might be useful: Disability harassment laws

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Yeah, I'm getting an attorney. I talked to my new representative this morning, and she was a capital "B"! Finally had me in tears, and ended up saying she didn't have to send me to a psychiatrist if she didn't want to, but she would "investigate" it. She asked me if I had ever had psychological problems before. I knew when she said that that I was going to have to get an attorney. She's not going to send me to a psychiatrist, or anybody else. I hate these people. I told her all about the harrassment, and how I had reported it to corporate, and nothing was done. I told her I was trying not to hire an attorney, because I was actually trying not to spend their money, but that made no dent in her thinking. So I'm going to call the attorney again tomorrow. I already had talked to this one firm, and they told me after I talked to the counselor, to call them back.

I just can't do without the money, though. I don't know what to do. If I go back it makes me look like I was faking. If not, I'll starve and lose my house. What to do, what to do?

Guess I'd better get busy selling everything.

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Just talk to a EMPLOYMENT attorney before you do anything. Seal your lips - say nothing more to these people. I would not be surprised if she isn't 'wired' and will use anything you say or do against you.

You won't starve - go to a soup kitchen, friends, family, churches. Call your mortgage company and talk to them - see what they suggest.

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Welcome Back JYG....I had to use WC a few years back and it took about 3 weeks to kick in. Fortunately my boss payed me my regular check after the injury and then trusted me to pay her back when I did finally get the first check....hope you get it all worked out!

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jyg, I am so sorry you've been having such a horrible time, and pray everything works out for you. It's the pits when you have to deal with harassment.

I hope your new friend (BF) turns out to be what you need right now.

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See if you can find a financial counselor for free. My office collects property taxes and a little while ago I was talking to a guy who is a financial counselor (he came in to pay his taxes). There are many things you can do to prevent foreclosure and such that I wasn't even aware of.

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Definitely don't talk with ANYONE else about this - even family. OK, family is alright but keep it meek and mild. If you decide to go after them, they may try to intimidate your friends/family. It can be VERY difficult to win a harrassment case. Read and understant the laws and like everyone said, get a good atty that specializes in such cases. What you don't want to happen is rejection when you try to find another job. This will scare the heck out of them. If you go on interviews, keep cool and calm and only speak the facts, IF ASKED. Have you quit yet (don't remember)? If you still have your job, unless you are specialized, they can't just fire you because of your injury. They would have to offer you another job commensurate with you abilities (physical ones based on your injury), if you can't continue in your current position. Some of this depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. If that happens, start looking for another job. It's easier to find a job if you have one. Also, watch your actions while you are not at work. I've know WC attnys to follow people to deny claims.

I wish you the best kiddo. I'm not trying to scare you but this type of situation is very serious. You probably have a strong case, but of course it is easier said than done. A friend of mine retired from being working on such cases - she worked for the Office of Civil Rights. You would be surprised at how certain things can help your case. You may want to start a journal becaus there will be a lot of questions you will need to answer and you may not remember everything at will - especially how you were feeling on certain days. AND, by all means, don't go back to their counselors. Get your own - that may work in your favor too.

Good luck and don't sweat it - let the lawyers do that.


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Thanks, everyone. Like I said, I've already spoken to an attorney, and I'm going to call him back this week. I don't talk to anyone at work except to call to say I'm not coming in. I do that every morning, because they have this rule that if you're a no-call, no-show you can get fired, and they're just looking for a reason to fire me. I set my alarm and call in before I would normally have to be there. I have no idea what my schedule is, because I haven't been there.

As for money, I'm probably o.k. for another month. I made my house payment this month, and have enough stashed for next. I've been wanting to declutter anyway, so I'm starting to sell some things on Craigslist that I seriously don't need anymore. I want my house to be "zen" when I'm done! LOL I figure if I can sell that stuff, that will see me through another month.

I go to the orthopedist February 5, so I will see then what the deal will be. If he wants to operate, there is nothing they can do but pay me for the time I'm out. I've already been out their required 7 work days, so the checks would have to start immediately. Not a full paycheck, but it's enough, since I AM The Frugal Wench!

Love and hugs to all of you. I don't know what I'd do without my friends here.

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Well, you certainly can talk to US about it - we can't help, but we can empathize - we do care!

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Anything new going on, JYG?

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