Removing phone jack... did I mess up?

mirz2000September 27, 2010

Hi All,

I don't have a land line (just cell), and there was an unsightly old phone jack in the dining room. I removed the outlet and patched up the wall, following the instructions here:

Now I am worried, because I have been reading other comments around the internet... I didn't tape anything up, just cut the wires... do I need to saw back into the hole I just patched and tape all the wires? I don't currently have pone service, but what if I do someday? Would this potentially cause problems, or an electrical fire or something?

Thank you for any information!

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Ah, I ended up busting into it and taping. I was too nervous to sleep...

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Well, it could have caused a problem with future phone reception if the exposed copper in the cut wires came into contact, but it's generally not a problem. The phone techs don't bother to tape: they just wrap cut -- but unused -- wires around the main cable so they are out of the way. If I were you, I'd have just put a blanking plate on the existing, old jack so I could find it more easily in a few years.

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Thank you, Kudzu. I ended up taping it all up, just out of worries, and then drywalling over it again. I tried the blank plate, but it is in such an obtrusive place (the middle of the wall in the dining room), it was still unattractive to me.:P Thank you again for the information!

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