Removing undermount sink????

linday12September 26, 2009

Hi all,

I have purchased a vanity with a travertine top and porcelain(sp?) undermount sink. I want to remove the sink and replace it with a glass one. Two contractors have told me that they can't guarantee that the travertine won't break. Has anyone had any expreience with this? Thanks for any input!

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The contractors are 100% correct. While you can remove the silicon cauk between the sink and the top and then loosen the clips holding it in place, unless you get off 100% of the caulk between the sink and the top, any prying motion to remove that sink may crack it or the top. Also, that hole probably will not fit anything but the sink it's intended to fit. Undermount sinks are not universally sized and can have very individual shapes and measurements, especially any of the hand made ones.

If you really want to use a particular glass bowl, then visit a stone fabricator to select your stone and have him cut the hole your sink needs and then mount it. If it's a small vanity, he may have a remnant piece that could do the job and cost a bit less. But, most of the stone costs are actually fabrication costs, so don't expect it to be less than a couple of hundred dollars.

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Thanks for your reply live wire. I was really hoping there was a technique or solvent to make it easier to remove. I fell in love with Oceana's champaigne colored glass bowl, but the vanity I bought comes with the top and sink. I don't care if the original sink breaks, but I'd hate to have an additional expense of another top. My ultimate goal was to have a sink that I could backlight. I guess I'll have to rethink that. Thanks again for your reply!

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