Rowenta pressure iron and steamer question.. model DG 3050

sharon620March 15, 2009

I have posted this question on the laundry form also but a viewer said I would get more response here. I hope so :) I just purchased the steamer listed above.

Although it steams great (but did not get the wrinkles out of my curtains) I am not sure how to set the iron. I mean I know I set it like a regular iron but it just does not seem hot enough. I find that I am not getting great results like expected while just using the iron.

I ironed my son's dress shirts last night and they really do look like I did them with my regular rowenta.

Anyone have any suggestions? Should I trade it for the DeLongi?

Thanks so much! :)


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I owned a rowenta for a year. I was disappointed from about the 5 month anniversary on.

Most of the people in my circle who have purchased them have had the same experience, though a few claim to be happy.

Every time someone asks, I say, "Don't get a Rowenta," but some forge ahead, anyway.

You can buy an inexpensive gravity feed iron for about $150, and own it for years with no problems, but if a "name" is important to you, go ahead.

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My DH, wanting to surprise me with the iron of my dreams, bought me a Rowenta. It was a total piece of garbage, and so were the two replacements I had in the first year of owning it.

If you don't think it works well - run, do not walk, and return it instantly. It will not get better.

I know many swear by them, but my simple iron leaked, steamed intermittantly, and was a total PITA. They have a good reputation, but I do not think they deserve it.

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Hello again, I responded to you on the laundry room forum. I have the older model and like mine very much. The older model I have was made in France, I believe the DG 3050 is made in China. Maybe the new design and manufacturing process have decreased the quality.

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Wow! What a difference! This one is much better. I am thrilled with it. Thank you everyone for your help! The last one was absolutely defective. I should have know by the way it preformed and the way it was packaged. I ironed everything I could find. lol
Thank you all for your help! I love my new iron/steamer.
Now if I could just find a nice ironing board.. ha ha any suggestions?
Thanks again!

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