Does anyone know anything about the new BabyLock Espire?

biwako_of_abiMarch 25, 2007

I usually frequent the Quilting Forum, but no one there has answered my question yet. Maybe the Espire is too new for many to have it yet?

I have a chance to trade up to one, but apart from the Baby Lock site, I can't find much on it. I make most of my own clothes and also make quilts. One of the features I like in the Espire, which my BabyLock Quilters Choice doesn't have, is the ability to lock in a command for the machine to always start with the needle in the center position. I don't know how many needles I have ruined because the BLQC shifts it back to the left every time it is turned on. The Espire also has a lock feature that will do away with my constant hitting of the buttons on the BLQC and changing settings. And it has a larger harp opening, which will make it easier to quilt large things.

I'd like to know how reliable people find the Espire to be and will be very grateful for any comments.

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I finally found one person's review, which was very favorable, so, as the dealer gave me a great deal on the trade-in, I bought the new Espire. It is fabulous! I will be using it for making quilts and also my own clothes, and one of these days I will post my own observations about it on the Quilting forum.

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Well I hope you enjoy your new machine. Please also post here about how you feel about it after you have done some quilts and other projects....if you post on the quilt forum don't forget about might help out another sewer seeking information later on. Enjoy your machine. Budster

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