Shingle colors???

ladyvixen84August 22, 2011

I'm getting the roof fixed in the farm house that I am purchasing. But I am having a hard time trying to get a good color match due to the vinyl siding. I do not want black shingles as they get hotter than lighter colored ones, and the heat can lower the lifespan of the shingles.

So, I need ideas for this color house

The seller is paying for the repairs on everything per my inspection today. But I get the wonderful task of picking shingle colors. White is out of the question lol

And any difference in getting 3-tab shingles or architect shingles? Which is better? I have that choice too.

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The color shingle has less to do with overheating than inadequate ventilation in an attic space. You can put reflective shingles on a house with inadequate ventilation and the retained heat in the attic will shorten shingle life.

Our house has very dark grey, almost black shingles. When we bought it, I added insulation in the attic and made sure the soffit vents were clear. The gutters had not been cleaned for five years(former residents did no maintenance) and there was about a quarter inch of shingle detris(the little gravel like pieces) in the gutters. Clearing the soffit vents actually made the attic cooler---and there are no more granules in the gutters from an over heated attic.

The house in the picture looks as if there is very little soffit vent area available, if at all. That means the attic air has no place for cooler incoming air to replace the hotter air exiting the roof vents. No air movements means no attic ventilation.

If the ventilation is optimum, shingle color will not be an issue.

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I have a TON of soffits, or vents under the eaves of the roof, and a continuous ridge venting system, blown insulation and baffles. This roof has definitely seen better days. I too have a PO who did very little if any maintenance in the past 6yrs as he is elderly and has mobility issues. He wasnt originally going to fix any of the major issues with the home, but decided to go ahead and do it. He is also paying for the house to be jacked and foundation(joists) to be repaired, plus any plaster/structural damage that occurs during the lifting process.

The gutters in this home need major TLC, but they are also being replaced with the new roof.

So now I guess it's color (I want something other than black), and type of shingles. I need something rated very well for fire, wind(very bad storm winds) and overall lifetime. I get to choose between 3-tab and architect(laminate) shingles. I can't get him to agree to metal roofing darn it. But as long as we have a good roof this winter and NO leaks, I will be a happy camper.

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In my neck of the woods, it doesn't matter much what color shingles get installed because the algae turns them black anyway. You can't get metal and pay the difference?

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Windows on Washington

Attic ventilation has very little to do with shingle cooling and everything to do with moisture removal.

Over 95% of the shingle cooling happens via convection to the outside of the home and while an improperly vented attic will be hotter, it is not the heat that really shortens the life of the shingle (despite the claims of the shingle manufacturers).

A dimensional shingle will last a bit longer and be less prone to blow off than a 3-tab.

If you have duct work or a second HVAC system in the attic, the more reflective shingles will keep more of the suns radiant energy out of the attic and maintain a more hospitable environment for the HVAC system.

+1 on upgrading to metal if you can used the money they chip in along with your own funds.

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Window is so correct and most of the heat gain in a typical residential attic is due to radiation from underside of the roof deck. No amount of ventilation will make a dent in that. A cool roof, however, can keep the attic 30% cooler.

Note that In my hot, humid climate the modern, enlightened advice is to seal the attic and spray-foam insulate the roof deck. What is your climate?

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Light gray would go with anything. You are right - stay away from black or dark colors.

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architect shingles wd be better in case of this house!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Handyman London

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