After christmas sales on the internet

angel123December 10, 2008

I don't want to shop malls or crowds of people. Do y'all shop online on the day after Christmas sales, if so what online store is the best to shop with free shipping.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

You are going to find this year, the same stuff on sale before Christmas so look early.
Although not online, Lowes has already marked their Christmas 50% off and I bought some beautiful things.

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One of my favorite post-Christmas sales is the one. They have tons of books marked down to 1 or 2 dollars. A lot of these are gift worthy books like magic kits for kids or picture heavy coffee table books. The membership(only worthwhile if you buy books year round) gives you an extra 10% off. Any order over $25 gets you free shipping. I know that libraries exist and are one of the more obvious money savers vs bookstores, but books are my one little luxury. No mani-pedis, etc. Just give me a good book.

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Lands' End, L.L. Bean, Garnet Hill. Clothing and some household, seasonal and decorative items, even some furniture at LE and Bean. They actually always have quite a few things on sale, eg., Lands' End Overstocks. Been shopping with these companies for years because I never like the malls and which rarely have the size and colors I want. These companies really stand by their satisfaction guarantee and will send you free catalogs if you want. There's a shipping cost of course for orders, but very reasonable, even to me in Canada, and they still have good deals given the dollar difference. For outdoorsy stuff, REI and MEC are great too.

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Angel: Are you looking for something specific? Like Christmas decorations or winter sweaters or boots? Or are you just looking to see what's out there marked down? Cuz if it's the latter, here's this money-saving tip: Just don't look!

I feel justified in saying this cuz I have two store merchandise credits burning a hole in my purse. I went to the stores a few days ago, wandered the aisles and saw nothing I needed! It's a good feeling. Trust me. I figure that I'll make one more trip in a couple of weeks or so and that if I don't see anything I want or need (and believe me, that "want" bar is pretty high now!), I'll buy some blankets and donate them.

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