Solar Powered Roof Pump

newmex999August 25, 2013

Does anyone know anything about the reliability/use of the following product?

I currently have an IB membrane installed on my flat roof with ponding water on certain areas. The IB roof membrane can handle the ponding water without any problem, however I don't want the water sitting on the roof any longer then necessary because of the added extra weight.

Any info on using the above product would be appreciated.

I live in NM if that makes any difference.


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Wouldn't it be better to fix the roof and minimize the ponding?

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Solar Powered Roof Pump are great to go for the home purposes as it convert free heat from the air and the sun to deliver completely reliable and controllable heating and hot water for homes even when the temperature outside are low. Though I have not used the solar roof pump services, for heir reliability you can check their review online.

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YES- in the past they were not reliable the later generations are. The one you are talking about the Sentinel Solar Roof Pump has that smart chip technology- visit the website and ask for the Solar Roof Pump Info Pak it may explain a bit more.

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