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budsterDecember 5, 2010

I thought I was one of the few who still enjoy the wisdom of re-reading "The Tightwad Gazette" books. I own all three plus a compiled version (which was in the toss out bin at a local thrift store). I enjoy them each time I read them and feel renewed and refreshed somehow. I don't find the information dated - sometimes they are just require a new spin on a tried and true. do you find it the same? Anyone else ever get a re-charge from the tightwad's bible? Budster who thinks tightwad is a good thing!

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I get inspired each time I read them and always find some words-of-wisdom I can apply. And as you say, they may need an update or a new twist because our "world" is much different than when the books were written, but the same truths still hold water. Those books are like chatting with good friends - without the personal drama (LOL)!


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I still read mine as well. They do have a wealth of information but I agree an update would be great. They always give me the insight to be able to try something I may not have tried before.

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I just checked the Complete volume out of the library again for the 10th or 11th time. I'm going through and writing down all the receipies.

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mommabird - I make Bread Crumb Cookies from volume #1 I believe (sorry, too lazy to get up and check). It inspired me to go through old cookbooks and find all kinds of recipes incorporating bread crumbs - even a recipe for bread crumb brownies - but also for pancakes/waffles and muffins as well.

Waste not - want not...


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