Vegetarian Leftovers -- Freezer to Lunch Table

Lola_LolaDecember 30, 2005

For cheap and healthy lunches, I like to take leftovers. Do you have any favorite vegetarian recipes whose leftovers freeze well. To save time, I love to cook extra and freeze lunch-size leftovers. I get a little tired of pasta dishes (but would certainly be interested if you have something spectacular!) I like to steam a big load of broccoli and freeze a little pasta (or whatever) and a lot of broccoli together. I haven't tried cauliflower yet -- I'm sure that would freeze well, too. Any other veggie ideas that could be frozen alongside the "main dish"? Would love to hear ALL ideas along these lines and more!

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Chili (vegetables/kidney beans).

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You'd probably get lots of ideas if you post on the cooking forum.

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Already have done.

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Taking them frozen would mean they were fresh at lunch time.


Sweet 'taters?

Various vegetables - green/yellow beans, peas, corn, carrots?

ole joyful

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