Bib Made Out Of Towel Pattern Anyone?

trudymomMarch 1, 2008

Remember those great bibs that were made out of small towels that we just put over our kids' heads? Anyone have a pattern for them?

Thank you!!

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I've made them - no pattern needed. I measured the circumference of the child's head. Marked on the towel where I wanted to cut the hole (approx 1/3 from one end). Laid the towel out and with a marking pencil drew the hole (a plate makes a good template).
I used ribbing to finish the edges. Cut the length of the ribbing 2/3 the measurement of the circumference. I like about 1" of finished ribbing, so I cut it 2 1/2" to allow for a 1/4" seam. Mark the hole in quarters with a pin. Stitch the ends of the ribbing together, and fold it so it is double. Divide into quarters and mark with a pin (I put the ribbing seam in the back). Pin the ribbing to the hole matching the cut side and match the pins. Stretch the ribbing to fit the hole as you sew it to the towel. After that I like to press the seam down (toward the towel) and topstitch about 1/4" to keep it in place.

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Here's a link to instructons with pics

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishtowel bibs

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I've got one here let me check the measurements.The one i have is store bought.OK here they are: The fabric/towel measures 10 1/2 x 14 1/2.They measured in 2" from one end and that's where they cut the hole,.The ribbing is 15 1/2 " long and about 2 1/4 " wide or as you will see on the other post,use ribbing from t-shirts.I've made these in the past and i've never put a buttonhole and button on them as you don't need it,the ribbing is all you need.They are bery quick and easy to make,and the only reason i bought this one is it was in a clearance bin for i think 65 cents.Good luck and let us see what you made.

I also plan to make some for my GGK'S

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Thank you all for your great patterns!! I appreciate your time!!


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I purchased a book called Sew And Go baby. It has the bib pattern you are wanting.. I will write down the instructions for you..

Materials needed - Fingertip or hand towel
Neck Ribbing - 3 1/2 X 14 inches
A 5 1/2 inch circle cut out of cardboard. I then cut it in half

1. With the towel facing right side down, fold the upper edge down 4 inches. Find the center of the fold and mark with a pin.

2. Place the half-circle cut out of cardboard on the fold and center. Cut away circle.

3. Next, stitch the ribbing to make a circle. Fold in half with sides together and mark in quarters using the seam as one mark. I then marked my towel opening at the quarters, too.

4. Sew the ribbing to neck opening with seam at the center back. Match the ribbing at the quarter marks. Stretch as you sew.

These are so quick and easy to make. I often have extras made up to give as a small gift or tuck in as a small extra...

Have fun.. any questions, just e-mail me..

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susie, thank you for your great pattern. I'm so excited to try them!!

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