I'm ranting

sherrmannMarch 27, 2010

This is just a rant to let off some steam.

I'm an experienced sewer who has made many a skirt, but this one has me vexed! I can't get the waist band on to save my life. I'm furious. My dtr came home, asked for this skirt (I love sewing for her, she loves what I make) but this one...oh, I don't know what the problem is! It seems the waist band is upside down, though I've removed it twice, readjusted, even cut a new one! I'm doing something stupid, but neither dtr nor hub, who have both bailed me out before, can figure this one out.

When I cool off a little more, I'm going to pick out the current waistband and begin again. It would be such a cute skirt - I'd post pics, but I don't have a digital camera at the moment, and dtr has gone home with hers already.

Breathing deep, zenning, getting calmer, remembering how angry I am, how much picking I have to do AGAIN! getting calmer, sipping some tea......


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Been there. Sometimes sleeping on it helps.

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Thanks, pris. I haven't gone back in yet, can't quite face it yet. But I have other projects that will force the issue, so I'll dig in soon.

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Sometimes it helps to take fabric in hand and read the instructions one word at a time while doing exactly what is instructed.

Hope you have a better time of it.

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I sat here for a long time trying to figure out how a waistabnd could be put on upside down...I give up on that one. :) :)

The other day I wanted to work on my quilt. I selected the stitch I wanted & it told me to put on the darning foot. Stitch length was set at 0. I wanted to do piece work. I read the book over & over; couldn't get it to work. I knew I had done something stupid. The next day it dawned on me that I had lowered the feed dogs on an earlier project.

Keep thinking! It will come to you.

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shermann, do you have pattern number so we could see the skirt. When I was sewing all the time, I remember those times when something would just not work. One time in my sewing did I just have to scrap the pattern I was working on. It was a Vogue and for some reason the dress just would not hang correct and after struggling, I just had to give up. Had a friend that was a very experienced seamstress and she not figure out what on earth was missing. What was hurting my feelings the most, was the fact that I had used very expensive material for the dress. Hopefully with you, a few hours later something will be right there in front of you to solve the problem. Keep us informed.

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Thanks, girls. I have it all picked and ironed, have read the instructions again and again, can't see any other way to do it than the way I've done it. I don't know how long I've had the pattern (this is the first time I've tried to make it) but it's still online - it has the nerve to call itself a One Hour Skirt! Hah!

The pattern is McCall's 5430, version A, if you'd like to look at it. Hub is trying his hand at it now, so we'll see what happens........I've made two left sleeves in the past and done plenty of other goofy things, like sewing the sleeves onto pajama tops wrong side out. Sometimes, you'd never guess that I really can sew!

Thanks for commiserating with me. I appreciate it.


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He did it! I still don't know what I was doing wrong, but it took Hub about 5 minutes to put it together the right way. He handed it to me while pinching it together and said, "Pinch it here and don't move a thing until you pin it in a couple places." Voila! It's on the skirt and looks great. Dtr will love it.

Thanks to all of you for putting up with me!


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Glad he figured it out.I looked it up and some others on Pattern review also had problems with the waistband.One lady also said it can't be done in an hour unless it's on another planet,made me lol..

I was able to buy a denim jacket one time brand new in a store because they had put the left sleeve on the right,and the right on the left.I came home took them off and put it the right way,decorated it for my DD with native american stuff and she was a happy camper.Told me she had offers from people to buy it off her back.SO see even the experts make mistakes,That's how we learn.

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I just went to Pattern review for the first time just now, Kathi. Looks like it has lots to offer, maybe a bit complicated. Glad you mentioned it. Thanks.


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Glad you figured out the problem. Noticed a review of the pattern and someone else said they had problems with the waistband ties. Love the pattern. Know it a cool skirt. Thanks for sharing with us.

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