How to patch a fiberglass storm door?

terri76August 4, 2012

My son has a very nice dark brown fiberglass storm door on his home. It has a full view glass and the area below the door measures about 22 inches from the bottom of the glass to the bottom of the door. The only problem is the previous owner had a dog that would jump on the door and his "nails" eventually ripped the fiberglass. The door is insulated so a white "sand" has been slowly coming out when touched or jarred. These areas are more like rips and tears but there are a few holes. He would like to keep the door if he could patch the spots, and spray some paint on it. Does anyone know how to patch it?

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The easiest may be to use a car repair kit. See link below.

You can also contact Tap Plastics and see what they recommend but shipping of their products may be more than you want to spend.

Here is a link that might be useful: Repair

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You must open the door slightly, hold a pencil between the part of the door that strikes first and the door jamb and firmly close the door.

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Not sure what Aaronjohn is on about.

Car body filler is awesome for that kind of repair. Use some sort of flexible filler blade to minimise the amount of sanding. If the insulation has been damaged that much you may want to use a little window and door sprayfoam, or get some styrofoam and put it in, ball by ball.

How large are the holes? If just claw mark-sized, then fixing, kilz primer then topcoat(s) should do it.

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