noisy power roof vent fan

raee_gwAugust 2, 2008

I just had my roof replaced and part of that had a powered roof vent/fan installed. It has made a difference already in the upstairs temperature, BUT--it was extremely noisy; the vibration and hum were heard & felt throughout the upstairs and in one bedroom it was intolerable.

So the contractor came out & replaced it (after 3 phone calls over 3 weeks to him) and the new one is much quieter, but still the hum is quite noticable and somewhat annoying in that one bedroom.

So, how much noise is usual & acceptable from one of these power vents? I am wondering if there should be a sound absorbing gasket of sorts that perhaps was not installed, or is it just a case of a low end unit that makes more noise than a more expensive one would, or is it quite typical to hear a noticable hum from the roof vent through the ceiling? BTW, there is an attic with two layers of batt insulation under the roof.

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if mounted properly, a good unit won't put out any noise or hum that can be heard/felt in the house. my parents house has 2 and you never know they are running.

my house i put in a gable fan and at first i had it mounted wrong and it would vibrate teh wall around it. you heard it in both my son and my daughter's bedrooms.

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