Experiences with Home Remodelers Group, NJ

jerseyboyAugust 16, 2006


We are going to replace our roof and talked to one guy from this company. According to him, the quality of service of his company is one of the best in New Jersey.

I am just wondering if any of you could share with us your experience with this compny if you happen to know about them.

Really appreciate,


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I've never done business with them, since I live in Michigan... lol

The only advice I can give is to get at least three estimates... Ask a lot of questions, point at things and ask if it's included and get EVERYTHING in writing.


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First and foremost, check to see if they are registered with the state, as home improvement contractors must be registered as of 1-1-06. If not....they are operating illegally...if so, report them, and move on to a contractor who is operating legally.

If they are...ask for at least 3 references...check themÂ..and try to see if you can look at the work they have done.

Last but not least...make sure you have a contract that protects your interests. NJ law requires that certain things are included in the contract.

Here is a link, and an excerpt:

"...for the purpose of compliance with the Act and N.J.A.C. 13:45A-17, effective December 31, 2005, the Division of Consumer Affairs will consider a contractor registered for the purpose of obtaining a construction permit from a municipality when the contractor has, prior to December 31, 2005: 1) filed with the Division a completed application, including the disclosure statement and all documents required to be filed with the application, which has not been denied, 2) the required minimum $500,000 per occurrence commercial general liability insurance policy in full force and effect, and 3) paid the registration fee and, when applying for a construction permit, provides the appropriate municipal official with a certification attesting to the fact that a completed application for registration has been filed with the Division by December 31, 2005, which as of the date of the certification has not been denied by the Division. Certification forms will be made available by the Division to municipal officials so that they may provide them to home improvement contractors. In addition, contractors will be provided with an advisory that is to be given to the consumer prior to signing of a contract for home improvement services to make the consumer aware of the contractor's registration status and compliance with the Act..."

I saw four companies registered with similar names...but not the exact name. Check for yourself...and good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: NJ Home Improvement Contractor Page

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I think the owner, Jerry Lean (may be misspelled) has a radio show in NYC on Saturday afternoons and I would assume he is reliable.

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