Cannot find a water leak...happens when it rains

downsouthAugust 6, 2009

We have a water problem and the boards behind the vinyl siding are getting wet when it rains on the right side of our house. We do have a fireplace in the den which is on the same side and we caulked all around the vinyl siding, and even caulked the bottom of the vinyl siding, thinking water might be running down around the vinyl siding casing.

We had a roofer come out and he said we needed to install another downspout to the right of the fireplace because the roof is so steep, the water is running off too fast. This didn't solve our problem. He also installed a gutter guard to keep the leaves out and this didn't help either.

We hired another roofer and he installed some type of flashing to slow down the water. This was a joke. It looks like two pieces of shiny metal sticking up on our roof.

Any idea(s) on what we can try next? We want to put our house up for sale and need to get this problem fixed first, and these boards replaced.

Thanks, Bill

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You really need to post pictures of the problem area, both interior and exterior.

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I have water coming under both side of my house when it rains only,i had a plumber sealing the house from outside & a camera in all pipes with no result of any broken pipes.,now i am lost of what to do next.

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Sorry John, but your post isn't making a lot of sense. What do you mean by "coming under both sides of my house"? If the problem happens when it rains, why would you think it's a broken pipe? Why is a plumber sealing the exterior of the house? I'd expect a siding contractor or roofer would be better qualified to address this type of issue.

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Siding is not waterproof.

The barrier behind the siding (AKA 'drainage plane') is there to prevent water entry.

The siding is there to protect the drainage plane.

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