window replacement in old aluminum siding

nicky_2006August 15, 2011

Got any idea of how to replace a window in aluminum siding without incurrring giant labor costs? Any info,opinions or tips would be wonderful. Have a 1960's ranch house which my DH loves for sentimental reasons....he was a single Sailor when he bought it from his Chief. Well,builder didn't spend tons of money on it...translation is parts. The previous owner installed aluminum siding probably early 80's. Older double hung windows took a beating from our last renter,rotted sills,guessing because the window air conditioners were left in year round here in New England. So the question is what's the best update for the windows? Totally new windows OR sash replacements? MY biggest question is how to handle the aluminum siding trim on the outside,can this be removed and re-installed ok on a replacement window? Could we use a exterior wood trim instead, with J channel? Thanks for any info you could pass along

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If the sills are rotted, there's probably issues in the wall.
Easy to check by removing the sheetrock inside. Evaluate the damage inside the wall before making any decisions.
If it can be repaired from the interior and the window frame can be fixed, use remodel windows.

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Most applications do not require full tear outs.

Many sills can be replaced or repaired far cheaper than the full tear out option.

ron's advice is spot on to investigate the extent of the rot.

You will not be able to save the aluminum trim in a majority of applications.

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We just replaced aluminum framed windows in our house with steel siding. We had it done by one of the best window installation firms locally. They had a real problem because they didn't want to remove the siding and just used brute force to beat the old frames from their sockets. I think if it would have been easy, they would have attempted to remove the siding, but they didn't.

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