Air freshner

goldyDecember 6, 2011

When you buy those expensive airfreshners that you plug in you can take them apart when they become empty and fill them with your own sent.And you are good to go.

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Or... don't buy the air fresheners to begin with!

Nothing smells better than a clean house.
Plus, those chemicals make me sneeze and cause my eyes to water....

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Well I just love the smell of pine and vanilla .Can't get that by opening the windows.I live in the city.

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That's a good idea to refill them with your favorite scent to save money.

I'm sensitive to chemical fresheners as well, so I like to toss some mulling spices (cinnamon chips, whole cloves, whole allspice, dried or fresh orange rind) in a simmering pot. Add some pine needles to the mix if you'd like or a couple bay leaves. Dab a couple drops of vanilla on a light bulb (when it's off), and when you turn it on enjoy that lovely fragrance.


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Grainlady, good ideas. Ever notice that the shelf space for air fresheners is huge? That's an indication that there is a huge profit in air fresheners. I noticed yesterday that the amount of shelf space devoted to toothpaste (even tho there are only about 10 varieties of 4 different brands offered) was also huge. Lots and lots of space devoted to just one kind of toothpaste.

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Not only is the shelf space for air fresheners huge, but the gadgets for them continues to evolve so you are enticed to making your home smell good a new-and-improved way. I remember the old AirWick thingies with the stick of rubbery matter in them and cans of spray Lysol and Glade Mist was about all there was available for many years, but yes you're right, it must be a money maker with all the brands and styles.

The link below has some more diy air fresheners.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tip Nut - 12 Easy Ways to Banish Stale Odors

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I buy citrus fruits, cut them in quarters (or eighths) and leave them in a bowl. When they dry out, they make great pot pourri (sp?) Also a bowl of fresh coffee (not used wet grounds ) is a great deodorizer. They absorb gargage-can odors and leave a little coffee scent in the air. I keep a bowlful under my kitchen sink.And of course there's nothing like cracking open a window. Fresh air is free.

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