Removing and attaching jeans buttons

mary78March 9, 2008

Hi all,

I have a pair of jeans that have lost one of their two metal fly buttons. I want to remove the other button, so that I can replace them both with two matching buttons (which I've already bought). But I have no idea how to get the remaining button off the jeans! It seems to be made up of two parts that go through the jeans fabric and are somehow bolted together. Short of attacking it with a hammer I can't imagine what to do. Advice would be much appreciated!



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I know some jeans buttons screw together. I'd try to unscrew by holding the large part with plyers. Otherwise I'd get a small screwdriver and wedge it between a little at a time.

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A hammer is probably what it will take and the screwdriver suggested above.

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You could use bolt cutters on the "stem/shank' of the button. That would make it easier to pry it apart if it wont pull through.

Good Luck!


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