Shop Vac Dead

bondrey102August 30, 2010

My 15 year old Shop Vac quit. Brushes are worn down, but I have not been able to find any locally or online. Would hate to have to pay $100 for new one when $5 motor brushes would make it like new. The newer vacs are of poor quality IMO. Does anyone have a line on motor brushes?? Thanks. Bernie

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Try Grainger or Eurton.

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Try this, similar to mongoct post. McMaster-Carr save this to your favorites,along w/ the other 2, great reference for hardware. Each are a little different

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I got a (free, functioning) Shopvac with two wheels. Couldn't find wheels for a model that old. Ebay: nada. Went to the shopvac website and searched around: nada. emailed them at shopvac. I said hey, this is what's wrong, can you sell me the parts I need? (wheels and wheel housings) They just sent them to me! Hope it works that well for you ... if you still have shopvac. Good luck!

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