Installing Cup Pulls on Freezer Drawers

WMA89May 14, 2013

The appliances were delivered yesterday. We have a SZ 36" full door integrated fridge. I was planning to use two 4.25" cup pulls on each of the lower freezer drawers, and an 18" appliance pull on the fridge door. The installer said the we should not use cup pulls on the recessed panels of the freezer drawers as it has been his experience that the wood eventually splits due to the tight seal on the freezer drawers. He said he could put them on the stiles, but I do not like that look.

When I got home I saw that he did go ahead and install the cup pull on the dishwasher panel--but he did a terrible job. It's not centered, and he didn't even insert the posts that the screws go in into the cabinet--the whole thing projects out. I'm wondering if he didn't want to install the cup pulls because they required measuring, centering, etc. (we did leave a detailed drawing of exactly where to install them).

Anyone have experience with this? I'm linking a thread from 2010 with the picture that inspired me to use cup pulls. I love the look.

Thanks for any input.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cup pulls on SZ freezer drawers

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I have them on my freezer draws- no problems. it's alot cheaper! I have the fridge handle on the fridge and it was like 200.00, the cup pulls-like 8.00- big savings and I like the look

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Another thing to think about is you can open the freezer drawers with your hand facing down (knuckles toward the drawer front) vs having to reach way down and turn your wrist to be able to use the cup pulls. Sounds like a small point, but think about it. I like reaching for that bottom drawer's handle from the top, it would have made me crazy to have to access it from underneath. Just my opinion.

the cup handles do look nice though... ;-)

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Michelle16--your kitchen is gorgeous! Thanks for the photo.

Beekeeperswife, you make a good point. I'll have to think about that. In the meantime, I'm contacting my cabinet maker to get his opinion. I think I may also have his crew do the hardware installation if they will.

We're crawling to the finish line on this project. I'm so tired of making decisions! Thanks again for your input.

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