Have you had your roof or gutters re-done?

newbiegardener101August 17, 2014

Our area was recently hit by a hail storm and many homes in our neighborhood have gotten new roofs as a result. Our home (which we are renting) is scheduled to have the roof re-done and the gutters re-done sometime in the next two weeks. I'm not sure what to expect as far as the impact to my family in the house while the work is being done. I have young children and am also in my first trimester of pregnancy so I am concerned about any fumes. Is this typically a smelly process for those indoors? I'm thinking about staying in a hotel while the work is being done but I'd rather not spend the money if it isn't necessary. I'm curious bout those of you that got new shingles/guttres put on and if you experienced any odor in the house during the work or immediately afterwards. There are a few bedrooms in our house where the roof slopes out directly from under the bedroom windows. There is an attic over the house as well.

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...New roof can mean a lot of things. How many layers are on it? If only 1 all they do is put another over it, You will hear some hammering or a staple gun maybe some noise of metal for around vents or in the places where roof sections meet for water runoff. But if you are talking all the roof coming off & plywood being put on that is much dustier, & more noise. Kids can't play outside with any roof repair as too dangerous, things fall off roof, ladder can slip or child go up it etc. I removed my own gutters, dirty somewhat but no big deal, if you are inside nothing to worry about. You should be concerned if it is total tearoff as I had dirt in me for a week & bloody nose & allergies really kicked up , but in that case keep all windows & doors closed & while they are ripping it all off smart to leave the house for a few hours until that part is done. But I was shucking wooden shingles topped by 1 layer of asphalt & we get little rain so it was filthy. If you have 2 layers of asphalt coming off shouldn't be all that bad.Don't know why it would smell. New plywood, nails & shingles & tarpaper. little smell there. No glues used that I've ever heard. Don't know where "fumes" would be coming from. Would be smart to get a magnet out of old speaker & put a rope around it securely & swing it back & forth after they are done with the job & pick up all the stray nails so your kids don't get hurt on them. You swing the magnet back & forth gently near the ground & when lot of nails on it push them off into a container & do it some more so it is safe for your kids to play out. Keep the door to attic shut while all this is going on as dirt will sift down if it can. Good Luck

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Depending on the size of the roof and the available crew, the roofing company may be able to get in and out in a single day. Talk to the contractor and get a schedule from him. It might be worth it to take the kids and visit a friend or family during the work day when they are there. A reputable crew will tidy up before leaving if they need to let it go overnight. Also any roof worth a darn these days has a magnetic "broom" and will sweep the area for loose nails. the homeowner/occupant should not have to do that. OP should confirm with the contractor that he will clean/remove any hazards like that, especially where there's young children living in the house. I'd expect that the primary annoyance will be noise rather than any strong odors.

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Fori is not pleased

We did have some odor after our last roof job--just outdoors, and our house doesn't seal tightly--because we used cedar shingles. A nice woodsy smell that would have driven me bonkers 1st trimester. Don't worry about dangerous fumes. But if you have an extra-sensitive sense of smell, it's possible you'll detect something outside. So keep the windows shut during the job and only open them when it smells okay to you outside. The smell won't come inside.

It'll be noisy. Stay inside to avoid debris (but they are usually pretty good). Or go to the park. (Don't let your car be trapped in the garage by trucks!) DO have them sweep for nails and stuff and don't let the kids run around barefoot until you've had a chance to check it all out.

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Choosing a gutter installation service to install your eaves is an important choice to make when you need your conduits cleaned. It may be hard for you to choose one, especially if it is a new home.

How to Wash Roof

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